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    Ok to make a long story short. My mom recently found all my diapers and gave me the talk. She was a little understanding cause she has known about and on and off wearing for a couple of years now. But now she wants me to give it all up and she threw away everything. What should I do or tell her? She doesn't think I'm a freak or anything I just want to tell her that I don't want to give my diaper wearing up.

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    lemme see.. You've been around for awhile.. so, I'm assuming you're over 18. unless you are living in her house, being discreete and not paying more than a token rent, its really none of her business, let her know this. BTW, if you are in that position, pack it up for now till your situation changes

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    My view on this closely mirrors that of bebehuey. Your situation hinges on a few factors.

    1) if you pay her rent or help with rent/mortgage and you are occupying a bedroom in that house, she has no right to throw out your stuff. YOu need to bring this to her attention.

    2) And this is the sucky part. If you are not paying any rent nor helping with the rent/mortgage, then you are subject to her rules.

    3) if you are occupying a bedroom in her house and have lived there for at least 6 months, she ca not just toss you out on the street. I know you didn't say anything about this, but I'm just saying it to cover the basis. She must give you an eviction time of usually 30 days. But that is usually in a worst case scenario.

    In any case, it sounds like you need to sit down with her and talk it out. If you are this adamant about not giving up wearing diapers, and you are over 18, then you need to man up and have a talk (not an argument) with your mother. By the sounds of it, as you said, she doesn't think you are a freak, so you shouldn't have too difficult of a time getting your point across to her.

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    Your mother also needs to understand that wanting to wear diapers and acting upon it isn't something that we/you can just stop. She must know that this is a fetish, and they don't go away. For that reason alone she's out of line. That said, I suspect that your only real way to do what you want is to find your own place. I would work toward your independence. Until then, sneak the diapers.

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    Maybe your Mother thinks she is helping you by throwing your things out. Is there a chance that if you show her/explain to her that there are whole communities based around such practices she will find more understanding or feel less worry?

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    Don't forget to do the practical thing and mention how blasted expensive everything is and how you can't just turn it off like a light. Money's a language most people speak.

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    I think she just wants you to grow up. But maybe tell her about the way you feel with your diaper wearing. Maybe it's not her business either.

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    Hey, you know I can't imagine too many moms that are just going to be like, OK, I get it. I'm sure she just wants to make certain you have a happy life, and she probably can't understand how this makes you happy. She's probably focussing on the negativity in society on such things and doesn't want that for you. If its really important to you and you can't keep this from her, you will have to help her to understand that this is part of who you are, and that you are not just some freak that needs to 'grow up' I hope it goes well for you, but do try and see it from her perspective also.

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    Try talking it out with her, if that doesn't work then just put it all away until you can move out on your own.

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    Oh, this makes me sad, no one has the right to change your personality!

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