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    I joined this group three days ago to learn more about being an ABDL. I have gotten so much information, and am excepting who I am. I was in a situation with my spouse that was making me regress to a level of being comfortated by my mommy. I broke down and started to cry. I was finally able to inform my wife that I like to wear diapers, and to my supprise she was very confused but willing to listen. I brought her into my "baby room" and showed her A vidio about understanding ABDL. We talked for a while and eventually she got me ready for bed in a fresh diaper and held me for over two hours while I talked about the things in my life that happened that I think are why I long to be loved by a loving caregiver.

    Thank you every one for the threads and forums that helped me reach this new level in my relationship with the most special person I have ever known.

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    Great news! I recently told some people important to me and was accepted with open arms. This site is amazing!!! We truly are not alone.

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    This is nice to see, I was honest with my gal at an early time and it all worked out for me as we'll. honesty is always best!

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