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    I just received samples of the Unique Wellness large. I used one for the first time last night, and I've gotta say that I'm impressed. One thing that I noticed however is that they seemed to fit a little loose in the back where the legs meet the wings. I know the website it pretty specific about getting the tapes angled just right so this may have been my problem. Has anyone else had this issue, and did experimenting with the tape placement solve your issue?

    I really put this diaper to the test last night, and even sleeping on my side it did not leak. It was quite full in the morning, but had not wicked all the way up the back. As I said above, I'm impressed...anything that can handle some of my nighttime wettings and not leak is really, really good. Too bad these are a bit pricey...I'd like to get a pack...a case would be better, but I certainly don't have the money for that.

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    I haven't noticed any problem with how they fit. Maybe I just got lucky with how I tape. They're good capacity for the price.

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    Well I'm ordering a sample of the mediums and I'll see how those fit. I really like these nappies, but the large size gaps in the back, and I seem to have a lot of area to work with when taping. I'll try the mediums and see if they fit better.

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    They do go alright, but yeah I made the mistake of ordering large... Way too much in the wings. Gonna try the medium soon. Otherwise, they do hold up pretty well, nice and thick.

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