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Thread: Does anyone wear every day all day ?

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    Default Does anyone wear every day all day ?

    Are there any healthe risks i dont use them to often i just like to know they are there ? and the feeling i even sleep in them

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    Health risks? No. How do you think incontinent people get by? As long as you use common sense and keep yourself clean and take steps to avoid rash, you will be fine.

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    I second that! Although, it sucks when you get a rash and don't allow yourself to air-out to help it go away since you keep wearing diapers anyway... OTOH, that's just a fact of life regarding wearing diapers - every once in a while you get a rash...

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    I just took off a wet cloth diaper. Setting here right now bare bottomed airing out as I type this. I do this between all my changes when I can. I very seldom
    have a rash problem. Will powder up and put on an Attends here in a little bit.

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    i wear more than a month now. i dont see ant risks, only fun

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    I've been 24/7 for 25+ years. Clean well at changes, use powder when things start to chafe. use an ointment if you get a rash. No big problem, really....

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    Just be clean and sanitary about it especially your diaper area.

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    diaper rash is about the worst you'll have to deal with, been in em 24/7 for the past 8 years, I can still count on one hand the number of diaper rashes (namely from staying in one for much too long) airing out every once in a while is a good thing too

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    Ive been 24/7 since 07, it's no big deal, just keep yourself clean

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    Only thing bad about it is the smell. I wear them all the time. When you change, you can make the whole room smell or the bathroom but air fresheners help. Bathrooms are meant to smell anyway so that is where you go change your diaper. I would clean your self every time you change. I changed the other day at work and I still smelled pee because I didn't bring any wipes so even wearing a fresh diaper I still smelled the pee. That is why I changed int he first place because I was smelling it and the diaper got uncomfortable and I knew it will leak if I sat down. It was a cheap brand, Wings. But good thing is I work alone so there isn't anyone around when i am working.

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