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Thread: Any fellow geeks into their D&D?

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    Default Any fellow geeks into their D&D?

    Gotta great game on with some friends! Our characters are such a bunch of idiots haha! How about you guys? Any good roleplaying (beyond the obvious, of course!)

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    I'm a big fan of roleplaying games in general but not D&D too much in particular. I did play heavily back in my teens but I've since moved to different games. At this point, when my friends and I can get together, we're more likely to play something either heavily modified from an existing game or something made from scratch. The people one plays with are really the most important part but we just get along better with these other games.

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    My current campaign is my first full venture and it's not set in a formal D&D world it just draws from the mechanics. funnily enough, I was listening to a real by-the-textbook D&D podcast recently and I was amazed at how dull their campaign was. it was literally: dungeon crawl here, kill a goblin there, kill a spider here, dodge the pit trap there... yada yada yada. The game we're playing is set thousands of years after an apocalypse tore the fabric of reality apart (kind of like Stephen King's Dark Tower saga). the play is all about diplomacy, secrets and causing mischief. My character is inspired by The Joker from Batman. He's basically a chaotic-evil nutter with no moral compass! it's fun because I tend to always play goodie-two-shoes characters in video games; it's a bit of a change of pace to just be the baddy for a change!
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    Well I currently have access to 5th Ed beta and while I'm running it for my friends where I live But I would be more than happy to run a 5th Ed Campaign for a couple of you guys if you'd be up for it? I live in London so I'm running off GMT bear that in mind If your in a different time zone.

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    cool! Sadly I'm a few hundred miles up north of London! Unless you had some kind of skype thing in mind!

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    I've started playing it this semester with my college's club, and it's been really fun. It's something I've wanted to get into for a while, but I had no one in RL to play it with and most of the people I knew who played it online said that it's far inferior online. We're playing 4th Edition, and I'm on my 4th session, and it's been a good laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I'm a big fan of roleplaying games in general but not D&D too much in particular. I did play heavily back in my teens but I've since moved to different games.
    Same for me.

    While D&D was fun for along time eventually. I grew tired of the fantasy element in it and the D20 system.
    Now I play a lot of eclipse phase and other sci-fi roleplaying games.

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    I really wanna run a Dune-based D&D game. I don't hate D20 but I can take or leave the combat aspects. For me a game is about the immersion. I wanna do something with lots of two-timing and intrigue!

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    I left D&D behind and started to play heavily into Pathfinder Soceity play. While not as good as a home game it's getting alot of people interesting in Pathfinder which means eventually they may well start their own home games. Right now I have a level 9 Elven Necromancer.

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    Currently in a pathfinder society game once a week, and it's been going well. Currently a level 5 fighter. Playing through a multi book scenario right now, with a decently rounded team. I enjoy it quite a bit, and love roleplaying games, especially tabletop, it's just hard to find people in my area (The game we play is online).

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