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    Default Flash Chat

    Anyone want to meet me in flash chat?
    you cna get to it by going to quick links
    i cant get in the other chat becasue i have a crappy computer....

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    Is flash chat still around? Hmmm... I would, but I can't use flash chat on my iPod.... I can use IRC though...

    IRC programs have pretty low demands, are you sure your using it right? There are tons of others you can try, they all do the same thing.

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    I have Windows ME
    witch if you dont know what it is
    bassicly it fails at life
    your on your ipod on here?
    thats soooo cool

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    There are plenty of IRC clients that should work fine on WinME. It should be significantly less demanding than the flash chat. Install Firefox 3 and try either ChatZilla or go to Webchat perhaps.

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    Tryed to install firefox 3 but i have crappy internet
    and once agian
    windows ME
    so it shuts off the internet before i can get a chance to download it

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    Just wanted to let you know chevre, Mozilla dropped Windows 9x support with the release of 3.0

    And to centende.
    I suggest using mIRC, X-Chat, or a similar IRC program.
    They are very light weight on resources (even compared to flash chat) and you can connect to more than just ADISC chat (though if you just want to stay on ADSIC's chat that's fine as well)

    mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client

    Download that application install it. Then follow this link irc://

    That should bring you to the ADISC chat which is almost always active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miles View Post
    Just wanted to let you know chevre, Mozilla dropped Windows 9x support with the release of 3.0
    Ah, not too surprising I suppose . I guess it's time to install Linux.

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