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    Well this week I have been in TN on business and decided to bring a container of dipaers with me. Every day after getting off and returning to the hotel I have stripped down and put my diaper on and walked around the room for the rest of the night in just a t-shirt and diaper. I started packing things up to get ready to go home tomorrow when all of a sudden I realize that I didn't pack enough underwear for the return trip home tomorrow. So now I guess this means that I will be going home wearing diapers tomorrow and will have to be changing my diaper every chance I get, and it's a 300+ mile drive home. Now I know what some of, if not all of, ya'll are thining; but I didn't do this on purpose!

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    No, actually I 'm thinking:
    if you are on your way home, then just wear your underwear from the previous day or stop at a store and buy a pack of underwear. I am sure that there is a store somewhere along that 300+ mile route you'll be driving. I am sure your old underwear can't be THAT dirty. Although I am quite sure a 300+ mile road trip in diapers sounds appealing, I would change out of the diapers just prior to your destination.

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    Perhaps the hotel has a landry? Coin operated machines can be found many places.

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    Maybe a trip to Wally World is in order. But I would stay in diapers and not have to make any pee stops. Who needs undies on the way home anyway.

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    Haha...yeah, which is less clean, yesterday's underwear, or a wet diaper?

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    ive gone on several trips with no underwear just diapers. and ive had a diaper last 300 miles before.

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    Theres always the option of free-balling it. Just dont sit on them when you get in your car.

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    couldn't you just wear the diaper but not use it???

    all these replies are probably not what you wanted to hear anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
    couldn't you just wear the diaper but not use it???

    all these replies are probably not what you wanted to hear anyway...
    same thing i thougt myself. i sometimes go to work, wearing a diaper for the feeling, but use the regular toilet.

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    How long does a 300 mile drive take where you are? Six hours? Most good quality diapers will last that long, and even cheap ones should last half that, so most likely you'll only need to change once, or not at all until you get home.

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