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Thread: I finally did it!

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    Default I finally did it!

    I just showed my fiancee some of my stash. The first person in my whole life that i've actually shown my ABDL stuff to! Doing this and coming on here are 2 massive steps for me I've gotta thank this forum from the get-go. I feel like a whole bunch of stuff is falling into place at a rate of knots! I only wish I'd been a little more open with her sooner. She really is so cool about this stuff. I couldn't be luckier!

    I'm gonna wear in bed tonight. Not the first time I've done that with her in knowledge of it, but the first time I've told her that that's what I'm up to (the couple of times previous I've asked we don't talk about it.) I feel like a lead weight has been taken off me, Like I actually felt comfortable allowing my regression in front of her... it was painless!

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    Congrats! Hope the best for you going forward.

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    Good Job!!! Sounds like you both have a solid relationship.

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    You're one of the lucky ones, as not everyone on this site has been accepted by their SO. I'm one of the fortunate ones too, and when my wife first found out and was accepting, I was pretty excited about the prospect of wearing a diaper to bed. It never loses its appeal. Now I can go to bed not only diapered, but either wearing my footed jammies in the winter, or a onesie in the summer, and she's bought me both the jammies and the onesie.

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    Tend to agree with dogboy. There are very few non-ABDL's out there that accept the ABDL lifestyle.

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    Thanks guys, I definitely count myself lucky! I hope those of you who are struggling for acceptance find a way to share this side with your other halves; even if it ultimately takes longer to win acceptance, don't assume it isn't possible... I've talked about being ABDL with previous girlfriends and they were both cool about it too (though I guess I wasn't back then)... I guess I've always hung with a pretty liberal and open-minded crowd!

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    Been married 9 years and still cant find the courage to tell my wife. So sxared.

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    Happy for you...

    i told my girlfriend too not so long time ago. she accepted it very good.
    enjoy wonderful marrige life

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedInHesperia View Post
    Been married 9 years and still cant find the courage to tell my wife. So sxared.
    is it that you think she'd freak or just a fear of humiliation on your part?

    I don't wanna say go-for-it since I don't know your situation. I'm guessing most of us need to make that decision on our own to some extent.
    what I would say is:
    A)for me - it was amazing how incredibly quick and painless it was once I actually just did it...
    B) You're not alone! I totally empathise with how you feel !

    So I actually didn't sleep in them in the end because I was dog-tired last night (they have a habit of getting really uncomfortable in the middle of the night I find. I have very strong thick legs so even though I'm quite trim these days my cuddlz medium-cuts are a bit tight round the thighs for all-night wear and large are just WAY too big for me). But I wore this morning - admittedly my partner was out... I felt way more in touch and comfortable with my AB side than I think I ever have...

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