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Thread: well, no time like the present to say 'hi'!

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    Talking well, no time like the present to say 'hi'!

    Hey everybody.

    So I've been lurking for a little bit and trying to get it together to say hi! so... Jellooo

    I'm in my late 20's right now, engaged to a lovely lady and I thought it about time I got more open and comfortable with my ABDL side. I'm looking to make friends and share the company of people I can comfortably talk with about this stuff. so ... here I am!

    Anyways, about me! I'm the kind of person who loves being busy.
    • A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, auto harp, keys and a bunch of other stuff... although i'm having a bit of a break from it as I found I wasn't enjoying gigging as much as I used to)
    • A programmer
    • I work in academic libraries (love books!)
    • I love geeky board games of all kinds (and a bit of DnD too)
    • I love video games (love Minecraft Technic, man that game steal my life!)
    • I do some graphic design for various bits and pieces, love being creative,
    • I love good food, cooking, good company...

    and, of course, seeing my other half (when we're not busy as hell doing other things haha!)

    looking forward to meeting you guys!

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    I'm a board game man myself so what's your favourite? I'm a big fan of Dominion and Seven Wonders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsaur View Post
    [*]I love geeky board games of all kinds

    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    I'm a big fan of Dominion and Seven Wonders.
    I like all sorts of board games too. I like Dominion (have played a lot of the different expansions sets), I like 7 wonders, Vegas Showdown, Quarriors (dice game), citadels, Settlers of catan, for sale, Ascension, Wings of War, and Ticket to Ride (both North America and Europe boards). I recently found ticket to ride on Xbox LIVE. playing the animated version is much better!

    Oh, and welcome to ADISC!

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    I've heard great things about Dominion! I might have to get that! Catan and ticket to ride are great aren't they! Have either of you tried Carcassone? It really is a brill game!

    Tonight I played Mansions of Madness with 3 friends; it's based on HP lovecraft's mythos (Cthulu, Azathoth etc.) One of the most beautifully rendered games I have ever played:
    Fantasy Flight Games [Mansions of Madness] - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games.

    It's kind of like Cluedo-meets-a-spooky-horror-movie. I also adore Talisman, Arkham Horror and I recently got quite an obscure board game called Level 7 which is like a simplified Mansions of Madness. oooh, and I've got a copy of Merchants of Venus (do ya see what they did there hardyhar!) in the post

    my favourite game is a toughy... maybe Arkham Horror, maybe Carcassone. Both brilliant for pretty much opposite reasons. One is beautifully simple and clever, the other is massively complex but completely immersive! Do you have a favourite Cherub?

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    I have heard of Carcassone but haven't yet had a chance to play it. You do need to get Dominion though, if you like card games then it is an absolute blast.

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    I forgot to add one last game I like to play. Lords of Water Deep. it's an AWESOME game!

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