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Thread: any one got advice for dealing with elementary and middle school children

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    Default any one got advice for dealing with elementary and middle school children

    so recently i lost my job as a mechanic, so i went to apply for the local school district as a bus mechanic and somehow got talked into being a driver. now i already have a Class B CDL with Hazmat endorsment. but before i can drive the bus i have to get the Passenger endorsment and school bus endorsement. well to the point of the question. any one know how to and could give advice on dealing with multiple children ranging from kindergarden to high schoolers. im good with kids one on one or in small groups, and high schoolers are very laidback and dont give much troubble, but ive never had to deal with this many kids at once before and on top of that im also going to have to be driving a very large vehicle as well. any advice?

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    If the kids you have to deal with are anything like I was on the bus I feel sory for you.

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    If this were an era before I was born, nobody would even have to ask this question... even in the 80's and 90's when the power shifted toward the children and methods of handling them became less kosher (or legal) there was still a great deal of authority surrounding the bus driver, simply because it was his/her word against the bevy of lying children who had no means to prove anything - things are a bit different now.

    My advice is thus:
    1. Don't get drawn into their bull, ever
    2. Make sure someone on your side is recording everything that happens on the bus (if that's even legal)
    3. Laugh at them and look at them like they're retarded monkeys if they insist on acting as such - follow it up by telling them to sit down and be quiet.
    4. Look up 'bus driver abuse' to see what not to do, ever
    5. Realize that at least half of the children on that bus have the means to record what you're doing - they carry smartphones and are better and quicker at using them than you are. If there's a ban on using them on the bus, that number drops to only a quarter, since just like adults, many will simply violate the ban.

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