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Thread: Just curious how you'd answer

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    Question Just curious how you'd answer

    I had a thought last night that's kept me thinking since. Now I'm curious how others would answer. What is your favorite thing that you personally associate with being an AB? It doesn't have to be the typical straight forward answer i.e. Diapers or a Stuffed Animal. Take some time to think deeply about it, try to come up with the one thing that you think of when you think about your little self.

    It took me a while to narrow mine down, but eventually I settled on baby powder. I love the smell, I mean love it a lot. Every time I smell it I get this tingly feeling, I get light headed, and I blush a little.

    Funnily enough I have the same reaction to cinnamon.

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    I've had a few years to zero in on my reason, so it doesn't take me that long to answer this question.

    My answer can be summed up in two words. Comfort and Relaxation!

    Comfort is a two fold reason in itself. The diapers themselves are comfortable to wear, and I derive comfort when wearing them. Of course one must be comfortable in order to be able to relax, so I guess my two reasons go hand in hand

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    For me would be a hard childhood and not being able to have
    a fulfilling one.
    Kind of gives me a chance to relive it some.

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    for me it is also because i never really had a childhood.

    i never really what love was either. i was put in care at 3 so never really gre up loved.

    i would say its for the attention comfort, love, safety and security.

    to know that someone loves me and is happy to spend time with me and look after me.

    its also about me being in my diapers makes me feel little and vulnerable like someone has to everything for me. which i like.

    then theres the other reasons which comes with being little and looked after

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    ..for me it is a way to go into myself, shutting out the outside world for a while. But also to add a better feeling to the memories from the childhood.

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    I also only had one parent, my dad since my mom left us for someone else when I was 2.
    My did cared and loves me lots, just he worked extra hours so we had a home, clothes and food.

    Being shunned in school for that and a disability, made it harder.

    So like I said, its a chance to relive a childhood that was missing some things.

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    It's a very personal thing to me, I'm pretty hard on myself and criticize a lot of what I do. However when I get in that mood it's like I can't make mistakes, because for that short amount of time there is nothing to worry about except for me. I love the diapers, all of the paraphernalia that is associated with them too, but I love the carefree, little attitude the most.

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    well guys and kidoos, for me I just go to my bed room and climb in to the vertex that is my crib which is the portal to my babyland,the crib acts just like the holodeck on th Interpise he he

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    I dont even have to think to know that my one thing has been and always will be my diaper :3, Just the feeling and even the smell give me the same "tingly" feelings as the OP describes with Baby powder, which i thought was cute btw >w<

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    Well i first had to wear goodnites to bed when i was 6 years old for bedwetting and at first i hated it but then after awhile i enjoyed it and it made me feel safe and i loved the feeling of the goodnite at about 12 years old i stopped wearing them to bed but at 17 years old i started buying adult diapers like atn and abena l4 and for 4 years now every chance i get i will buy adult diapers

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