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    Sometime during the next several months, I will be having knee replacement surgery. I'm looking for info from any other diaper wearer who has had the same procedure. Did your surgeon feel that a diaper was a dangerous source of possible wound infection? If so, what alternative protection did were you required to use and for how long before you were told that it was OK to go back to using a diaper?

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    I guess if you don't wear your diaper around ur knee you will be ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck View Post
    I guess if you don't wear your diaper around ur knee you will be ok

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    I'm a bit confused on how a diaper could possibly infect the knee after surgery..

    Wouldn't it just be like wearing any other pair of clothing? I'm sure you can wear pants, and those actually wrap around the knee.

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    I am also confused, unless you are referring to the diaper going over your knee when you take it off? (Like pullups for instance) in which case I would cut through the side of the pullups relative to your op knee so you do not have to pull them over the knee.

    (you will be bandaged up until the stitches come out anyway, so it will be protected in that sense)

    If you are referring to what you are able to wear DURING surgery, I am sure they will provide you with incontinence cover during the op, IF they do not let you wear your own.

    If you are referring to something completely different, then I too, am really confuddled! heheh

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    During the op and through your initial recovery period, you'll have a catheter. After that, your choice of undergarment is your own but shouldn't pose a significant risk one way or another.

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    Well any opening is a path way for infection In this case i would worry about fecal matter as it can cause all types of infections One I would take precautions If you wear a pull Up I would consider a tape sided breif that way you dont have to slide it up and down your legs when changing
    I would ask as the dressing over the wound will need changed as that becomes soiled from the surgery

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    Having had friends who've had knee replacements, I understand the concern over infection. Like Crinklemedic said, use the taped kind so you aren't sliding a pullup past the wound. If you are fecally incontinent, be very careful to not contaminate the wound. With care, you should be okay.

    My wife who is diabetic, had an ulcerated wound on the bottom of her foot for 6 years before it healed. I did her wound care for that period of time. At one point, I was using a cotton swap which I dipped in sterile saline and cleaned the bone in her foot. I was very careful about washing my hands, and not touching the 2 x 2 gauze or the cling tape to anything other than a sterile pad or her foot. If you use care, you will be fine.

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