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Thread: Cd rom drive as a coffee cup holder. Funny youtube video.

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    Default Cd rom drive as a coffee cup holder. Funny youtube video.

    I was on youtube and came across this video of a guy using his cd rom drive as a coffee cup holder. The drive tray slides in and takes the cup and coffee with it.

    I used to do the same thing over 7 years ago with a broken rom drive. Luckily it never slid in.

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    Default Re: Cd rom drive as a coffee cup holder. Funny youtube video. used to have a cd rom drive like thing that had a working cigarette lighter like the one found in cars

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    Thats what they are for nowadays.

    I still dont have a DVD-rom in my PC but I got top of the line parts like a 1TB HDD, a i5 3570k and a 7870 GPU

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    i rote a little joke program that made the cd drive eject randomly and burp every time

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    Annoying thing is I've known some staff members do this, had to replace the drive as tray snapped

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    Those of us who were early mac adopters were familiar with macpuke which accompanied the floppy disk eject with the retching noise.

    The ThinkGeek guys also had an 5 1/2" drive bay "EZ Bake" oven in their April Fools issue once.

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