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Thread: Abena Abri-Form Plus M1?

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    Default Abena Abri-Form Plus M1?

    So I've just ordered my first adult nappies (been using DryNites for about three years). They're the Abena Abri-Form Plus M1. What is the difference between Plus and X-Plus?

    On the Incontinence Care website, they have X-Plus in large and small, but just Plus in medium.

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    Usually the 'X-plus' refers to the M4 (or L4 depending on size) the M1 would be much thinner and less absorbent. But it should still be pretty good compared to what you can buy in a store, it will just be more discrete than the X-plus.

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    M1 is the thinnest and least absorbent of the Abena line, which runs from 1 up through 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NobleSeven View Post
    Ok thanks. What's the difference between M4 Air Plus and M4 X-Plus?
    The M4 Air Plus would be the cloth backed version. The M4 X-Plus would be the plastic backed version.

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    They just arrived, 28 of them and a Molicare. They're a lot bigger than I was expecting!

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