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Thread: going to Europe next month. bringing back diapers.

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    Default going to Europe next month. bringing back diapers.

    Should I order some europe only diapers and bring em back like fabines. Can I pick up direct from. The warehouse.

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    You'll probably have more luck ordering them in to a chemist's or going to a mobility supplies shop. Or, if you specifically want Fabines... I think you can only get them from one company ( in Germany (unless anyone knows differently) so you'd have to get them delivered to the UK.

    And I'd also check your airline's luggage allowance! It's only €20 or €30 extra to have them shipped directly to the US, so you don't want to end up paying more in airline surcharges.

    From the site:

    To the UK:
    bis 5 kg 17 Euro
    bis 10 kg 22 Euro
    bis 20kg 32 Euro
    bis 31,5kg 42 Euro

    To the US:
    bis 5 kg 36 Euro
    bis 10 kg 47 Euro
    bis 20kg 68 Euro
    bis 31,5kg 89 Euro

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    Dont forget that if you bring them back you will also have customs go through your bag ... might be a bit interesting so consider that as well

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    I'll be taking a trip for 11 days next week. Travelling with a couple of people but I'll be in Europe. I figured if I can somehow buy a bag of Tena Slip Maxi and bring them home or even have them shipped back to me. I've always wanted to try them.

    We'll see!

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    It would be fine for me. IF you were asked, "um, oh those? those are diapers, I have a medical condition" but hey they should think that and ask nothing anyways.

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    Tena slip maxi are good, i'm wearing one now
    You might also like to try Tena flex, they have a weird velcro belt arrangement, you either love or hate them!

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    Customs isn't a problem ill be alone and my boss informed me the private jet will be available for my return trip along with the rest of us. as long as he sees nothing im golden gonna pick up some fabines direct from germany. Ich spreche Deutsche. So thatll be fun.

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    This is for a meeting in berlin btw. I have to pay my air fare there because im taling my vacation and ending it with the meeting and return flight.

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    @pacifierboy - 19 and already flying around in private jets? Well done to you sir! enjoy our European diapers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soakingboy View Post
    @pacifierboy - 19 and already flying around in private jets? Well done to you sir! enjoy our European diapers!
    can't be more agree. nice done!

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    Have a safe trip. Lucky you get to try some of their diapers over there.

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