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Thread: How did you find your mommy/daddy?

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    Default How did you find your mommy/daddy?

    hey all,

    lately i've been thinking about trying to find a mommy or daddy either in real life or just on the internet. I never tried before because i feel as tho its pretty near impossible to find a mommy, and daddys must be hard to find too.

    So basically, for those who have online or real life mommies and daddies, how did you find them?


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    well, my daddy found me in a way.

    ya see, i posted a reply on a website called, which is about daddies and Adult babies, and my daddy found me and were talking with each other from different parts of the state. hes near DC and im in Maryland.

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    Default How did you find your mommy/daddy?

    My daddy found me but at first I was very hesitant to completely open up / was unaware of so much regarding the abdl lifestyle. Now that some time has passed I feel like my bond with daddy has grown tremendously. I miss my daddy so much and hope they can give me another chance because there's nothing I want more than to be their little.

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    We found each other. Was a intended to be a one night stand for both of us. We ended up hitting it off and have been together for almost 2 years now. We are engaged and expecting a little one of our own in a couple months. He didn't know about abdl before he met me and it took a lot of explaining and learning for both of us. But it's worked out pretty good.

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    My caretaker is also my girlfriend, our relationship grew and I eventually told her about my interests and she was accepting of it. I didn't specifically go out to find one, just got lucky with a really accepting girl. I wouldn't trust online mommy or daddy sites, the relationship born from them just wouldn't feel very real from them in my opinion.

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