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Thread: Baby powder incense

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    Talking Baby powder incense

    I found some baby powder incense in a local CD shop. The guy was selling a bunch of incense at the front register, and I got some that was baby powder scented. I am so excited to try them!

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    That sounds great I love incense and I love the smell of baby powder. Is it nice?

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    I havn't tried it out yet, but it does smell amazing unburnt!

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    You can actually make such a thing, I've made Baby Power scented soy wax candles. Provides a subtle aroma.

    Usually, you can buy unscented sticks, and apply essential (or in this case, fragrance) oils to them.

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    I've bought them before. They smell really good ! :]

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    I tried them, and they smell absolutely wonderful! I love them, however, they are a bit strong.

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    That is cool I never knew they made baby powder incense and candles. I will have to get some.

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    My place usually smells of baby powder anyway, but I find it really interesting that they make this. I'd be interested to know who the target audience actually is.

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