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Thread: What retailers carry Abri-form

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    Default What retailers carry Abri-form

    Hey, what retailers sell diapers like Abir-form X or attends; every place i've been only has depends and they suck.


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    Butterfly Mage


    Quote Originally Posted by DiaperedFox View Post
    Hey, what retailers sell diapers like Abir-form X or attends; every place i've been only has depends and they suck.

    I've found that the little pharmacies that are attached to hospitals usually carry decent diapers. You might try those. I have no idea why Rite Aid and CVS won't carry quality products -- especially since the cost differential isn't all that much.

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    I know...I just got my first shipment of Abris..and for 19.99 from XpMedicial...they sure beat Rite Aids and the Depends Max for 16.99

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    Butterfly Mage


    I order mine from XpMedical too. I usually go for the Molicare and the Attends. The Molicares are $32 for 30 diapers, so it's about 25% more expensive than Depends but they absorb about 4x more and are also more comfortable.

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    o.o thats alil over a buck per diaper....not a bad deal, I might try those next .

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    go with xpmedical and pick the ABI-form diaper!!! the are really comfy now, and really hold well

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    Yeah, another vote for XP Medical. Though I think the original poster may have been wondering where to buy them in retail stores and I must say that getting them in stores is going to be difficult at best. However, you might have luck at a true medical supply store. They will generally have a better selection and may be able to order some for you if they ask. They are medical supply stores and they should be pretty well used to this kind of request. So if ordering online is an issue, you should consider trying a local medical supply store, most towns should have one - even in the small town that I live in we have two of them.

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    hadn't had any luck in the general med supply stores in my area either, the ones that did carry diapers had mostly crap. i will say that XPmedical is probably your best bet.

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