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Thread: How often do you was your plastic pants?

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    Default How often do you was your plastic pants?

    I just started wearing plastic pants over my diapers and wanted to know bow often everyone washes theirs? I seldom ever leak and they are just to hold in the pee smell that slowly leaks over the course of the night. I only wear at night and I wear abena x-pluses plastic back.

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    I wash and rinse mine in the shower every morning. I then hang them on a hangar and let them air dry. The pants not only could have pee but also sweat.

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    You really should wash regularly, especially if youve pee'd in them. Even if you haven't, the elastic gets sweaty and smelly....You dont want to be a smelly baby..Yuk. Oh! dont put them in the clotes dryer....they melt

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    yea I wash all of my plastic pants reg.

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    They get washed in a separate load than my diapers,once a week(I have a pretty good amount in my stash-have to, they "leak" usually once a day). I do not throw them in the dryer, because that will ruin the elastic leg/waist gatherings; Ijust let them air dry.

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    Plastic or rubber pants are great for holding odor in but I wear them even if I'm not going out just because I like them. (Mostly the feel) They get rinsed after every use and I use all kinds of diapers under them.

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    Like others, I gently rinse mine in the shower or sink after each wearing. After rinsing, I gently blot excess water off before air drying.

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    It's good to wash them every time you wear them, but on holidays I can understand your desire to wash them less often. If over a disposable nappy as long as urine has not leaked onto them you can wear them several times. If over a cloth nappy then if you wet then you need to wash them (and the sooner the better!). Urine (and sweat) over time causes the plastic to become brittle and eventually tear.

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