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Thread: Its Nice to meet you all!

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    Default Its Nice to meet you all!

    Hello, I was orginally going to post my name, age and location but i read the awesome faq before hand .

    What made me join this site?
    That would be all the great support and very mature group of individuals on this site. In particular how you helped the mother with her son.. You made me cry "in a good way". That and my obvious love of wait for it... diapers.

    But sir, what was your earliest desire for diapers and how did that develop?
    I think the earliest it started was in kindergarden. I was really shy but some cute girls wanted to play house and they needed someone to be the baby. I was really shy so i guess they thought that was cute and kinda volunteered me. I loved every minute of it, The affection, the fake diaper change, the baby bottle etc.. I forgot about it till i was about 10. I was looking through my mothers closet for toys or just being nosey, i dont remember exactly. I was just a digging and "cue dramatic music, maybe the item aquire sound from Zelda" a diaper! I was sooo curious and just had to give it a shot. Ya..., lets just say i loved it and soon wet myself like a little baby and it all clicked.
    I could bore you with more details and other experences i'm sure most of us share in common from the good old try to make a makeshift diaper, to trying to tell someone.

    I see very interesting!, but what do you like besides diapers? Well my random made up interviewer guy, I love my Fiance first and foremost. I cannot give justice in words just what she means to me. She knows of my ab/dl side of course, and while she doesnt engage in it, she accepts me for who I am. I also love video games. I'm an advid rpg, shooter, and fighter gamer. I play a bunch of fighting games. My current addictions are blazblue, Tekken Tag 2, and playing lego lord of the rings with my fiance.

    Awww, sounds like you love her very much!, But what do you do for a living?

    I work 3 jobs. I have 2 retail jobs, one clothing, and the other Luggage. I'm also a member of the Army National Guard. I then also go to school online for Business Admistration.

    I'm sorry sir! thats all the time i have for you, but please continue if the viewers have questions.


    Zenes ^^

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    I dont mean to double post, but did i scare everyone away? /hears crickets hmm... maybe they just hidding <,<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenes View Post
    I dont mean to double post, but did i scare everyone away? /hears crickets hmm... maybe they just hidding <,<
    Welcome to the site

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    aww! zenes, that was thorougly descriptive and well-written. i am sad that it didn't get more comments. i've got a few things in common with you myself; i'm fond of diapers, am married (with kids), have a military job, and am going to college online :-) i had a couple of minor diaper experiences when i was 6 or 7, and then really understood it when i was about 12 so i consider that the start of my "dl-ism". hope you are enjoying the place so far, and hope to see you around!

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    That is an awesome introduction, welcome to the site!

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    I like your creative style, your meaningful description of how you got into diapers, and the way you talked about the rest of your life. You should write a story - if you haven't already.

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