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Thread: so, just messed for the first time a few minutes ago...

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    Default so, just messed for the first time a few minutes ago...

    ...and I can honestly say I felt ashamed the second I did it. I cleaned up right away and did my best to get rid of the smell (I think it's gone, any tips?) I quadruple bagged the diaper and tossed it in the trash, I don't think I'll ever do that again.

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    You found out why most of us don't like messing on purpose. Although sometimes accidents happen and we deal with it the best we can.

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    At least now you won't spend the rest of your days wondering

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    I used to be like that but after a while I started likeing it more and more. Now I find messing enjoyable and it doesnt bother me at all.

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    I like messing in mine. It just depends if I'm home alone or not

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    I have to be in a very particular mood. I don't mind changing my partner, though.

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    yea if someone changed me i guess it would be ok just bad for them haha

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