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Thread: always quite damp

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    Default always quite damp

    As the title suggests, I am always damp, quite damp, I don't know why, sometimes I can even feel the small amount coming out, just a little drop, but because of this, my underwear (I usually wear boxers) are damp, along with my pants, you can't see it, but they're just damp :/

    I want to see a doctor about it, and get my bladder capacity checked out (as a child, and as I am as a teen I've always held my urine way to long, and have a big bladder capacity, maybe I damaged my bladder with holding my urine to long to often?) but I just moved to a new suburb and live by myself, and haven't found a doctor yet. In Australia we can bulk bill via Healthcare doctor visits (for free, as I'm a student). I just need to find a doctors practice near me.

    Does anyone know about this, and know what this is? What I can do about it?
    thanks in advance for any responses

    It may help that I used to, and still do, not often though, wet nocturnally.

    Edit: I do have diapers if I need to use those all the time, I have Unique Wellness that I order from another state

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    In case you think this is uncommon and you are on your own, please be assured you are not. I had the same problem and a battle to overcome it which was not ultimately successful - but that was a long time ago and medical science has moved on since then. There are so many things that could be responsible for what is happening that it is foolish to guess - much better to persevere on finding a doctor - look for a practice with a good reputation for community nursing services because a trained continence nurse can do a lot to reassure you and help devise the best ways of managing the condition-if it does not quickly respond to treatment.

    Not to worry you but because there is a very remote possibility that your leakage is a symptom of something more serious it would be very wise to get to the doctor as soon as you can. As you are a student is there a medical centre at your college that could give initial advice?

    You seem to have thought about protection - but maybe the small stick in guard pads that you use in your underwear might be all that you need and cheaper than the wellness briefs. I am not sure whats available in Aus. but the Tena ones are - see: TENA for Men

    Good luck and hope this helps

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    I study at a private academy with a class of 10 (the only actual class there, this academy is a private academy that specializes with teaching proffesionals already in the IT industry more qualifications.

    So a college doc is not there in the first place.
    Ill try look around doctors practices and ask about their community nursing, or if they have an experienced continence nurse

    When it comes to protection I prefer something that goes on like a nappy as I wear boxers.
    Thank you for your experiences and time. I hope I can get some more feedback on this

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    Default Re: always quite damp

    Hopefully a doctor will be able to sort you out and begin investigative procedures into why you are always leaking.

    I'm guessing, as a fellow IC with NO health experience other than my own health, that the constant holding and holding of the bladder could have put too much pressure on, and therefore damaged, the bladder sphincter, causing it to be constantly open by a teeny tiny amount. (only teeny tiny, otherwise you'd be gushing when your bladder is full, and not just damp) IF this is the case, you MAY need a surgical procedure to repair it?

    I would prefer the "pull up pants" by Tena, but according to the incontinence team, unless I am a "pad shredder", or an "constant undresser" they are not on the budget. *sigh* why does "budget" have to come into everything all the time!? Damn carpy UK! Heheh

    PS. Apologies if I have used too many comma's, I am always doing it, I can never remember the grammatical laws of comma usage! ,,,,,, (d'oh!)

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    Sorry not to have responded earlier - have not logged on for a few days but as an alternative (a bit cheaper) to pants the Tena flex pad has a velcro bans like a wide belt that you can fasten around your waist and a drop down front that fastens to the belt with velcro- pretty discrete - very good under boxers and the drop front makes using a toilet very easy. Hold well and are quite comfy if you get the right size.

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    I've finally accepted that I have the same issue, and have had for many years (more than 6). I've always just dismissed it as "I just sweat a lot" and "It's just the usual dripping just after peeing that everyone gets" or even "It's because I've been wearing diapers a lot lately".
    However, there wasn't really any correlation. So, I have gone to my doctor about the issue, and after some failed attempts with different meds – First Desmopressin (Gave me hangover-like symptoms), and then Tamsulosin (Either had no effect, or made it worse, though that might have been psychosomatic) – he has referred me to a urologist.

    The earliest appointment I could get through the public health system is June 5th, so now I'm going through my private health insurance that I get through work (They claim less than 10 days waiting time).

    Just recently I started using the Tena Men pads, and they seem to do the job (once I figured out how to place it correctly), so, they work for me, but your milage may vary.

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    Thanks for the replies, I will most likely see a doctor in a few weeks, I found a no appointment clinic 20 minutes from my new home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazza View Post
    Thanks for the replies, I will most likely see a doctor in a few weeks, I found a no appointment clinic 20 minutes from my new home!
    Great to hear. I myself just got a reply to the application to my health insurance. I've been accepted for investigation and possible treatment of incontinence at a private hospital. :-)

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    Good to hear, this is an issue you need to take up with your doctor

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    A little update from me.

    Monday I got a call from the private hospital, that they had an appointment for me the day after (Today, Feb. 26th) at 18:00.
    I have just gotten home from that, and the result was that they couldn't spot anything out of the ordinary. They've scheduled me for a urodynamic test tomorrow afternoon.

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