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Thread: I lost my Little Girl.

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    Default I lost my Little Girl.

    She used to be so sweet, and it made my day to hear her call me daddy. I used to hold her when she slept, and feed her, and take care of her when she got sick.

    I just want my little girl back...

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    I read your blog entry. What has changed since then?

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    I thought your break was over tomorrow? Hang in there, stay strong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    I'm sorry, what am I missing here.
    Read the blog posts and it might make more sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    I'm sorry, what am I missing here.
    What he said.

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    Hoi MorbidAngel,

    I read through your blog entry and I hope I got what is going on.

    First of all, I want to say that it is sad that you lost your little girl. I’m not a caretaker but I was taken care of once and lost this person so I think the feeling is quite similar. It hurts like hell and it will probably for a long long while.

    You will listen to sad music (I often listened to Sum41 –So long goodbye at that time) and cry your heart out.

    To lose a person that knew you better than any other and understood you in every way is not easy and it takes a long time to deal with this new situation.

    I once had a daddy. We were a couple at first but decided that it would be best if he would just be my daddy and not my boyfriend after 3 months of relationship. After this decision he stayed my dad for another year when he told me he would move in with his new girlfriend. He told me that he didn’t want me to call him. If he would talk to me he would call me. My phone stood still for 2 years.
    About 3 or 4 months ago he told me that he and his former girlfriend are now separated and that he’d have time to be my dad again.

    I told him that I had missed him very much but that I didn’t want him to be my daddy again. We had a great time but it didn’t end in a nice way and sometimes it is better to realize that you had incredible great moments with a person and that it was exactly what you needed at that time but that it is over now and that it is okay.

    What I want to say is: You need to get to the point where your memories of good times with her mean more to you than the thought of having loosed her hurts you.

    If I understood your blog-entry right she is the only person that knows about your little-side. I don’t know if you have met other people from the forum yet but when I was 18, and as well 2 years ago when I didn’t have my daddy anymore activities with people from the German AB/DL forum helped me the most. I don’t mean searching another little girl but talking to good friends from the scene, visiting Zoos or theme parks or just going to the mall. Doing normal things with people who are at some point like you and who might understand your pain.

    You will remember her a lot during these activities. It will hurt you but it will get better. Time heals even if it might take a long time.
    I hope my words helped a bit.

    Best wishes

    Sorry for spelling errors etc. . I hope you got my point. My English isn’t the best.

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    Morbid, I lost my Daddy a year ago. It was the worst pain I've ever been through, because of that special bond we shared. I couldn't explain it to any of my vanilla family, because to them, it just looked like I'd lost a good friend. I couldn't tell them I was bawling my eyes out because there was a little girl inside me who'd just lost her 'Daddy'. I also lost my 'little boy', too, because we switched. I truly adored him, too, and I did cry over that side of him as well, but that was even harder to explain to people.

    My situation is a bit different to yours because me and Corin weren't partners (he was asexual, actually), but we were a similar age, and just, if you want to talk, I'm here. Even just venting. I've been there, is all I'm saying <3 You will be ok, one day.

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    Losing someone like this is one of the most painful things in the world, it's true. Not only is the sudden, smothering loneliness akin to jumping into freezing cold water, but the intellectual strain of having to erase all the hard work you put into getting to know someone and having them come to know you is difficult to work past. Sometimes so much so that it's tough to remember that it's often best for the other person to move on, and, if you really care for them, you'll give them the freedom to find their own happiness.

    Give yourself time to mourn, but keep in mind that it will pass. This is not the last time something like this will happen and, as you get older, it will become easier to deal with each time because you'll be gradually amassing the tools and strategies older adults use to work through adversity. Most importantly, remember that, when you ultimately do find the person with whom you're going to spend the rest of your life, you'll look back on these days and wonder what the big deal was-- and you'll be glad it didn't work out, because you'll truly be with the person who makes you happier than any other.

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