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    Anyone here have a serious thumbsucking habit? I'm almost always sucking my thumb if I'm alone, or if only family and friends are around. When my left thumb isn't in my mouth (index finger hooked over my nose, natch), the anxiety seems to melt away.

    Plus, as an ex-smoker (10 years on, 3 off), it's a far more affordable way to indulge my oral fixation.

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    tried, aside from a dummy, my tooth alignment won't quite let me do that comfortably anymore.
    too bad, if I had had sucked my thumb after my adult teeth came in, they might actually be in better alignment

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    hi, im 28 and still suck my thumb,ive sucked it since i was a child the the last load of years have seen it in a bit of a mess with cuts along the sort of knuckle where my teeth have dug in a bit and chapping around the nail. the last 6 months have seen me getting a dummy half tp satisfy my abdl side but also to try a ween myself of the thumb sucking.

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    Hi guys and kidoos,I think that suck your thumb is so darning and adorable and it is one of the quickest ways to get into that safe place that we all like to be in and you have it with you all the time.

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    I have a habit of sucking both my thumb and pacifier. Usually if my pacifier isn't handy, I'll occasionally find myself sucking my thumb while watching TV or reading or whatever. It makes me feel calmer and I feel subtly nervous and ill at ease until I have my thumb in my mouth. This happens more if I haven't had enough little time lately. Also, I often need either my thumb or paci to fall asleep. Yes, I do have a serious sucking habit in general :P

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    I suck my thumb all the time (in private). Whenever I have a blanket near me (watching TV or in bed) I very often suck my thumb. I have used a pacifier, but don't enjoy that as much as a plan old thumb.

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    Yea i do 100%, my real issue is that if i go to a house party and pass out ill suck my thumb and people see. I usually try to shrug it off as nothing but its annoying for that reason

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    Have sucked my thumb my whole life and don't ever want to stop!

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