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Thread: Hey Canadians! Agecomfort vs. B4NS

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    Default Hey Canadians! Agecomfort vs. B4NS

    So I'm looking to order diapers (probably Abena's) and I've heard good and bad things about agecomfort and B4NS and i want know your opinions as well. I've read threads here on B4NS being crappy but they were from awhile ago and I was wondering if anyone has dealt with them recently?

    The main thing I'm looking for is discreetness. I will be at college and the packages will be going to the student office (most likely, either way not to my dorm door) and I don't want anyone but ME knowing whats in the bag. This also means i don't want coupons or catalogues sent either. I'm also going to be ordering by the bag and not case if that matters...

    Also I will only be ordering by check or MO because I'm a student and student=no credit card.

    Thanks for your help guys!

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    I've made success with both. The only concern I have with agecomfort is that you get put on their snail-mail list and get sales brochures sent to you every few months... They contain much more than just diapers though, so it's an easy one make an excuse for - if anyone were to ask, or see it for that matter, they'd probably just think you ordered a knee brace or something from there. The diapers are buried way at the back of the brochure. What province/city are you in?

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    See I really don't want any brochures or anything because it would be going to the college address. I'm in Ontario and I'll be going to college up North. Have you used B4NS recently and had any issues?

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    I have never had an issue with B4NS as far as shipping and discreteness...however...I am totally not impressed with customer service. It appears to be one guy running the show and its like pulling teeth to get him to reply to an email. Shipping is usually pretty quick if the item is in stock and a tracking number is provided. I think he may just be overwhelmed because lately he is out of stock on alot of stuff... Years ago when all he really had was Bambino I actually got him to order in some molicares and he sent them to me special order, ever since then he has carried them.

    I have never used Age Comfort...

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    So this snail mail list - do they send the sales brochures in an envelope or are they just like a magazine? The one thing I know about B4NS is he isn't going to send me junk mail. I made the mistake of ordering from Kins and the put me on their snail mail list. If you are supposed to be discreet why would you not have an opt in for stuff like that?

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    westcare medical supplies also carries abena and ships discreetly

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    The catalog from agecomfort was not in an envelope. Though as a poster above mentioned diapers are only on a couple of the pages. Just buy a reading lamp or memory foam pillow or something from somewhere else then just say you ordered it from agecomfort.

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    Never had any issues with B4NS. Discrete shipping and never any catalogues.

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    Westcare Health in Winnipeg? Maybe I will give them a try with my next order. Any idea what is on the return address on the box?

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    Thanks so much for the feedback guys, very very helpful! (: And I'm curious as well; what does Westcare put on their return address?

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