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Thread: Need Some Input on This

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    Default Need Some Input on This

    I'll cut to the chase, I changed my wet diaper and threw it into my backpack this morning, as I was going to head into the library today to get some work done. Thinking nothing of it, I threw the backpack into my car and drove off. When I arrived at the library I felt some wetness on the backpack. At first I thought my water bottle had spilled open, however, upon further review, I realized it was not the water bottle and it was the diaper. Thankfully nothing got too damaged (aside from some minor water stains to the front of a notebook). However, the backpack smells like piss now.

    What are my options to get the smell out? It is made of back nylon (or whatever backpacks are generally made out of - I'm pretty sure its nylon). I have heard that since nylon is sorta water repellent that it doesn't soak up the smell of urine as badly as say wool would. I was told that white vinegar would do the trick. Does anyone else have recommendations for what I could use to get this smell out?

    As always, fast help is always appreciated!

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    I use Febreze spray (not the bathroom spray... the stuff that comes in a fabric sprayer bottle) on most every surface and it seems to help very quickly. Just keep it exposed.

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    Someone spilt beer all over my backpack and (after a few days) it stank... So I put it in the washing machine (low temperature, "delicates" setting) and it was fine...

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    Ive heard that vinegar works with getting smells, as well as stains, out of things.

    I got home from a friend's house and put all of my daily items: keys, wallet, and phone down. A little while longer, I got a call, and when I started the conversation, I got the smell of cigarettes (friend's family members smoke).

    I took my case off my phone and wrapped the case in paper towels soaked in vinegar and wiped my phone with a slightly vinegar dampened paper towel. Left both for a couple hours, unwrapped the case and put it back on my phone.

    Note: The phone and case smelled like vinegar for a few hours, but the smell completely dissapeared shortly after.

    As for the backpack, test with vinegar in an unnoticeable spot first to check for color loss. If you see some fading, try diluting the vinegar in some water. If it passes, do the rest, rinsing it out when the urine smell goes away. For added security, handwash your backpack with laundry detergent in your stationary tub or kitchen sink, and let air-dry overnight.

    Hope this solves your dilema!

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    Washing up liquid and water, and hang to dry. FYI, have some nappy bags in future just in case. =)

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    There is a great commercial product that works on bad has enzymes to consume it. It can be purchased for under $5 a quart. The name of the product is Consume. It is manufactured by the Spartan Chemical Co. It can be found at your local janitorial supply store. If they don't carry that brand, they'll surely have something of equal quality.

    It is also used for maintaining drains. Just use according to instructions.

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    Go in a pet store and ask for their pet stain remover. I heard it work really good.

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    Just to confirm, go to a pet store and look for a pet urine removal spray.

    Have used it on a lot of stuff ranging from the sofa to my own backpack. Normally just use that and then Febreeze it. It even worked on the diaper pail which stunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob111 View Post
    Go in a pet store and ask for their pet stain remover. I heard it work really good.
    Pet stain remover will get the stains/odor out of everything from clothing to carpeting, however, they have a tendency to fade/discolor the material. (have/had dogs and cats, and whenever we used a pet stain remover, it made the 'host material' fade like bleach does with colors).

    Would not recommend using these products.

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