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Thread: Uh oh!!!!!

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    Default Uh oh!!!!!

    I got drunk a few days ago and did something really stupid. I have always wanted to buy a whole bunch of good adult diapers and am jealousy about some of those pics in the stash thread where people have cases upon cases of diapers. Knowing that I would never buy a large sum of diapers while sober, the drunk me decided to take advantage of my lowered inhibitions. I ended up buying 120 dollars worth of bambino teddies, xplus, and molicares and I really can't afford them on my budget which is about $40 a week for all my expenses (food, school supplies, etc).

    Not really sure what I am hoping to accomplish with th post, except to share with the world that I am a moron that now has an overwhelming stash of diapers and no where to put them.

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    Don't panic. You now have a least a stash on the way. Use it, enjoy it, and be happy with it. In the future, budget for your stash, only plan on buying what is within your budget.

    Good Luck.


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    Hide your credit and debit cards. They'll get you trouble everytime.

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    Well, try to make the best of it.
    At least you´re prepared for the next flood :p

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    Default Uh oh!!!!!

    if you're really in a pinch I'd suggest trying to sell the stash and making some of that money back. but now you've got good diapers, congratulations. I did the same thing with a hooker when drunk. lol.

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    Send me a PM if your looking to unload some and make some cash back. I may be able to help out if you can mail discretely!

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    Default Uh oh!!!!!

    Same here I would be interested if they are sized medium.

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    I did something similar about a year ago, not when I was drunk, but when I was tired/grieving. I started bidding on 1300 diapers, at about £25. Then £35. When it got to £100, I told myself I'd stop. £150, same thing. I fell asleep at around £180, having set the 'max bid' at £300, certain it'd never reach that. Well WHOOPS. When I woke up, I'd won, at the maximum bid, and I had to explain to my parents that I needed £300 to buy diapers... -_- not my proudest moment.

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    I cant say I've done that with diapers and AB things but as a MtF transgendered I have spent a fortune on clothes. I currently owe about 130$ on clothes from Ebay though I'm kicking myself right now over it Its going to be a matter of forgiving yourself and not letting yourself fall into the buying fog again. Goodwill's and thrift stores are hard for me since everything is priced on a heavy discount, I tend to over do it there. LOL

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