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Thread: Did you thought when you were a kid

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    Default Did you thought when you were a kid

    that people had kids just so they can boss them around and dictate them and enjoy yelling at them and punishing them watching them suffer and telling them what to do?

    And also that people became teachers and other authority so they can boss people around and tell them what to do and enjoy punishing them as well and have all the power?

    This was what I thought growing up so I couldn't wait until I was an adult and had kids so i could control them and boss them around and tell them what to do.

    Now here I am an adult and I don't have this concept anymore I had when I was a kid. I certainly don't have a kid just so I can yell at him and punish him and boss him around. In fact I don't like doing these things but have to and I don't set unfair rules. They are all reasonable. As a kid I didn't understand why I had to go to bed or why I couldn't leave the yard and I thought mom was doing these things to boss us around and have power over me. Then I thought when I was older she made us go to bed or made us be outside so she can have "me time" and not have to do her job as a parent. Same reason why parents give their kids naps. Now I know they don't make their kids go to bed or give them naps just so they can have "me time."

    Funny how our thoughts can change on our parents as we get older. I was a teen when I started to figure it out and I didn't need kids to see it. But my mom never had this concept as a child and I did so I wonder if anyone else here had the same concept I had growing up?

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    I never quite thought that, although I remember thinking that that's what people were like "in the olden days". It's no wonder when you look at stories like Cinderella (where evil step-sisters enslave the main character) and Hansel & Gretal (where a witch traps the children like animals and fattens them up to eat) and The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe (who, inexplicably whipped all her children "soundly" before sending them to bed, as if this was just something that she liked to do). There are all sorts of Victorian stories where children are kidnapped and kept in cages, or sold into slavery, or eaten by witches or wolves (or wicked step-mothers!)... So... I didn't think the adults that I knew liked to punish children and boss them around, but I thought that there were some adults like that...

    I think the purpose of these stories is to scare children into being afraid of the world at large (the idea being, if they are scared witless they will stay close to mum & dad and not get unwittingly get themselves into danger... although I don't think the Victorians cared much about psychologically scarring children for life!).

    Anyway, I remember at nursery we were forbidden from playing at the front of the building and being quite offended at the idea that I wasn't trusted to play out the front unsupervised (I was a very grown-up three years old, didn't they know?!), but I had absolutely no idea that the main risk was from "evil" adults. I remember being told not to accept sweets from strangers or to get into their car... but again I wasn't really sure why anyone would do that or why you could identify that someone was evil just because they offered you sweets. I remember quite a few times when people I didn't know (but who were clearly "safe" and were just being friendly) offered me sweets and I'd recoil in horror! What was going on?! What were they going to do if I took one?! So I always said no and walked away wondering why no one else seemed to be panicking...

    And when walking to school I'd refuse to get into a car... even if one of my friends was sat on the back seat! I knew it would be safe, but if I'd never met my friend's parents, they were strangers and I'd always been told not to get into a stranger's car... I didn't really understand why so I just followed the rule without really thinking about it. I was probably quite old (mid-teens) before I realised some of the horrible things that adults might want to abduct children for (*shudder*) and that it was probably okay to accept lifts from my friend's parents (and probably looked a bit weird when I insisted on walking a mile by myself rather than join my friend in their car!)

    But I never wanted to grow up so that I could "turn the tables" and boss children around like adults bossed me around as a kid... I never really had much concept of myself as an adult really... I think I generally assumed that adults didn't like to be bossy, it was just that they were always irritable and suspicious and never really understood what kids were like so they just bossed children around partly because they wanted to make sure we were safe, but also because they were just used to getting their own way... And I thought that some people just didn't like kids at all!

    And I suppose I just accepted the fact that I had to go to bed at a certain time... I didn't think my parents sent me to bed early because they wanted a bit of time to themselves... but I didn't really think I was being told to go to bed for my own good... I just accepted that "nine o'clock is bedtime" without wondering why... It seemed like a natural law of the universe and I was surprised when I found out that different families had different bedtimes and different rules about what you were "allowed" to do...

    Ha! And I remember thinking that everyone lived to be exactly 100 years old for some reason! Everything else was decimalised, so why not life-expectancy?!

    (Sorry... I think I rambled a bit off-topic there...)

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    as a kid i thought the same, and now i can see why my parents did tell me what to do and what not to. I do believe that some, not all, but some teachers become teachers just to boss kids around. However im sure most teachers become one because its what they wanted to do

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    Yea! I always thought I was the subject of some cruel science experiment to see how much abuse a kid can take. Sadly there is some truth in the above thoughts. My older sister tormented me and made me look like the bad one in my parent's eyes. Later in life she joined the military right after collage and became an instant officer. I asked her why and her reply was "so I can boss men around". She truly is a sadistic bitch!

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    As a teacher assistant, and one who works with other teachers, I can attest as to how much they care and worry about their students. They spend most of their concern on the under performers, trying to find ways to reach them. Often, you'll find one teacher who is an ass, who doesn't care about the kids, and teach for a pay check, but fortunately, they are rare. Students always know who they are, because they are a lot more astute and observant than we might give them credit. They also know who are the good teachers, and the ones who do care about them.

    Calico, you are right. Once we become parents we realize how difficult a job it can be. Here is this child who is a part of us. Yet, we sometimes have to make them miserable and punish them when we see them doing something that could be harmful. We strive to teach them the skills and values they will need to be happy as adults. It can be difficult, but for me, having children is the most rewarding part of my life. It gives me a reason for being here on planet earth every day of my life.

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