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Thread: Do you tuck your shirt or undershirt into your diaper?

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    Default Do you tuck your shirt or undershirt into your diaper?

    With disposables, I've had problems with a rash around my waist. The plastic would cause itching, which leads to scratching, etc. To solve the problem, I have been tucking my undershirt into my diaper for many years now and it has really helped.

    Has anyone else had problems with a rash around your waist, and do you tuck your shirt in?

    I know it is at risk of someone seeing that you are wearing a diaper, but personally I would rather have that then the awful itch and rash that has developed in the past.

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    I have never even entertained this notion. I've never had any significant problems with those kinds of rashes or itching, so I've had no reason to put my shirts into contact with the interior of the diaper. I want the wetness to stay in the diaper, not get on my clothes.

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    Way should i do something like that? I dont wont my shirt to get wet.

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    Personally I wouldent, cause the fear of getting them wet

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    I want to keep my tee shirts dry besides I wear onesies most of the time.

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    Do you use baby powder? A proper puff of it here or there would absorb any sweat or whatever that would contribute to chafing.

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    I find this is a very wise way to wear my diaper too. Very comfortable to tuck your shirt in your diaper, I fully agree.
    There are times that I have my "peak performance" in diapers. ( I think for a lot among us this is recognizable. )
    As long as my shirt is not too long I really experience no problem of the shirt getting wet. And when I go out for a long time and don't want to risk wet spots: I like to wear a adidas nylon track suit or nylon sport shorts. The pants crinkle and will hide your diaper due to their noise & fit. No one will ever make the relation sportsman v.s. diapers.
    I had problems a few times driving home after a long visit. Then I found out that the shirt helped me to avoid to ruin my seat. Due to the extra absorption of my shirt I was saved. Arriving home I simply closed my jacket, went in and that was it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripWarzlyn View Post
    Do you use baby powder? A proper puff of it here or there would absorb any sweat or whatever that would contribute to chafing.
    +1 for using cornstarch powder.

    But does it happen with every type of nappy?

    Glad it works for you but I would always be worried about wicking.

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    I always have my shirt just hand out.
    Makes it easier for me to hide me wearing a diaper.

    As for rashes, I have not got them very often.
    Cornstarch powder is my main type I use. It works great for me.

    Tho it does sound like a nice way to help with the waist and hip area if powder
    doesn't help much.

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    That doesn't sound like a very good option because what if you've actually used the diaper and now you have you're shirt half stuck in it and... well yeah, you get the picture

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