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Thread: Any Chivalry: Medieval Warfare players?

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    Default Any Chivalry: Medieval Warfare players?

    I'm absolutely hooked on this game, and they have many updates planned for the future!!!

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    Yup, Iīm a player.
    So far Iīve lost about 120 hours to that evil game, and itīs still awesome! Well, most times.
    Itīs a multiplayer game, so, unfortunately, there are lamers, noobs and... all that stuff.
    But overall, itīs definately one of the coolest indie-games out there.
    I got it as a present from a friend, which makes it even better ^^
    Canīt wait for the new duel-mode. Letīs hope it brings some chivalry into Chivalry.

    ... For the order! :p

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    Oh, you're one of the Reds, eh? *grumblegrumble*

    Duel mode should be really cool, AND they're adding new maps soon!!!

    Just about every time I'm playing this game and someone asks "oh, what's this?" I just geek out and rant about the amazing combat system and how pretty it is and just everything about it. I've coerced more than a few kids at my school to buy it already, especially as it's so frequently on sale :P


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    I can't seem to download the free weekend one, but I might just buy it, it's only just over 12 bucks. Looks like a prettier, multiplayer only version of Mount and Blade, which I'm a huge fan of.

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    I haven't personally played Mount and Blade (though I own it...) but from what I gather in game chats, Chivalry is received much better by most than Mount and Blade or War of Roses (which I've also not played).

    So though I can't say for sure, I definitely think you'd love Chivalry and will recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in it! Haha

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