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Thread: Wetting your pants from laughing so hard

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    Default Wetting your pants from laughing so hard

    Anyone here ever wet their pants from laughing too hard? Is it normal or actually a medical problem?

    As a child, I would laugh so hard I would lose bladder control and start peeing myself. I would stop it every time I thought this was normal so I never said anything about it. Then on another forum, a parent asks about her ten year old girl who always wets her pants from laughing. I did I have wet myself before and then i got better bladder control so I don't wet myself anymore when I laugh very hard. I would stop the flow every time it would happen. Now the parent is taking her kid to the doctor. Does that mean I had a bladder problem as a child because I would sometimes wet myself if I laughed too hard, so hard I couldn't even speak and sometimes my bladder would let loose. I don't have this problem anymore and it's rare when I laugh too hard. It wouldn't matter if this did happen again because I wear diapers now 24/7 and I wouldn't have to stop the flow.

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    I can't give you any advice or medical reason but it's been the same for me and sometimes it still happens.

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    now i dont know if im right this is just wat i think is going on

    when you are laughing. it contracts muscles and sometimes the bladder muscles contract thus you start to pee your self.

    i have had this issue when i had to go to the bathroom my friends would tickle me and would end up peeing a lil bit.

    i belive this is normal im not sure

    i am not a doctor nor do i have any knowledge in this this is just what i assume is going on

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    This is what is known as Stress Incontinence, fairly normal. Main thing to do to "fix it" is just strengthening pelvic muscles.

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    I have control over my bodily functions and just last week, I was hanging with some friends and we were all joking and having fun. And someone said something which I forgot what exactly what it was but I was laughing so hard that I fell off the chair and felt something wet between my legs and I noticed I had peed myself from all the laughter. What an embaressment. But I do not think that it is a medical problem because it happens to nearly everyone. Oh and I am in college by the way.

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    My cousin had that problem, I'd tell jokes or tickle him when I slept over to make him wet. It sounds mean now but we were 8 or 9 then and both laughed about it. Many years ago I lived with a girl who did it only once in a while who found a "Thighmaster" cured the problem as well as helping in other areas. Something about Kegel exercises.

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    It's a medical issue, but it's not a very sinister one. During normal urination, a muscle called the detrusor muscle contracts essentially squeezing the urine out of the bladder. However, laughing may trigger the muscle instability causing some urine to escape.

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    So I guess I had a medical issue growing up and I took care of it on my own by learning better control when I laugh so hard. I always thought it was normal. I know it has happened to other people too because they would laugh so hard. I can imagine it happening to women who have had kids because it weakens their bladder. Yes it's normal for women to have weaker bladders from having children so I can imagine them wetting themselves from laughing too hard would be a normal thing. But for a kid?

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    It's actually more common in children then it is for adults apparently.

    Giggle incontinence

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