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    its really wasted on babies isn't it, i love the stuff, had a cow n gate rice pudding earlier it was yummy do you like baby food? if you've tried it.

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    I had to eat baby food for a while because my stomach could not handle anything else. I Only liked the Fruit and squash and sweet potatoes.

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    I've only tried the Gerber graduates squeezable fruit. It's sooooo good!!
    I buy a couple every now and again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveducks View Post
    I eat babyfood mostly

    Quote Originally Posted by loveducks View Post
    I eat 90% babyfood
    No, you don't... You would not be able to survive on a diet of 90% baby food.
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    Countdown and Loveducks.

    Yes, you would survive if you eat a lot of it, but it isn't made for adults, and doesn't give the right level of nutrition as its all specially designed for a baby, who has different requirements to us. Not to mention its ridiculously expensive to get enough to feed a baby. To feed an adult enough baby food would cost even more.

    An example of the problem is when I decided to go for a week on only formula milk, no other food or drink. I don't think I would have managed to go any more than that week. Its not that I felt hungry or anything, because 8-12 bottles a day filled me, but I felt drained of energy, and put A LOT of weight on, and my skin started to suffer a bit, getting more spots for a while afterwards too. Plus the fact that I was going through a lot of powder, which costs around #10 a tin so that got expensive too.

    The same applies with just eating baby food. Not that I tried doing the same with it. Yes it can taste nice, but its not something you would have as your main diet as its not enough to keep an adult healthy, and would cost way too much.

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    I buy my baby food in pots there about 1 and last about 4-5 spoonfulls guess they last longer with babies as it tends to go all over the place lol, 1 hour later your hungry again. But there So many great flavours, I'm trying them all but cow and gates rice pudding is my absolute fave.

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