I'm sorry to announce that Macky and Akastus are stepping down from the staff team.


Macky is stepping down because he's taken a second job which, while necessary to get him into a career in the tech industry, leaves him no free time anymore.

Macky achieved many great things while on the team, but is perhaps best known for his IRC modules (which are the basis of our live chat server), engineering the switch from our old gallery system to our current albums, and running our minecraft server, which was enjoyed by many. Aside from these things, though, he did a great many smaller things, such as fixes for our rep and leveling system, privacy improvements, and generally working on a great many other projects.

On behalf of the whole team, and all the members, thank you Macky for all the help you've given us over the last year. It has made a great difference and your help on the team will be sorely missed.


Akastus is stepping down due to real life matters, and the fact he's not felt particularly cubby in awhile.

While on staff, he helped with quite a few articles I know many of you have read, so, on behalf of everyone who read his work, I'd like to say thank you, Akastus.

To thank Macky and/or Akastus yourself, post here.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be reviewing the staff team, and may look to appoint new people to fill various roles.