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Thread: paci durning the night

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    Default paci durning the night

    who here sleeps the entire night with a paci with out it falling out

    i had a issue where it would fall out at night

    is there a way where i can train my self to not let it fall out durning the night ?

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    Get one thats big enough for your mouth, and just sleep with it every night. Most people say that they done this and within 2 weeks they would wake up with it in the next morning.

    I can't talk from personal experience as my paci is something I never really grew out of. I always had one, not to use all the time, sometimes it was only in my mouth once a month or so until I got my first NUK 5, but I always managed to keep it in my mouth.

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    I can sleep all night without my extended teat 7's from pacifiersrus from falling out. If I sleep with my NUK5 it will fall out. I should also point out
    I also don't have all of my teeth anymore. It does though take practice sleeping with whatever you decide use. I use my tounge mostly to keep
    mine in as I don't really bite down on the teat.

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    seems like i will need to invest in a better paci

    wat was wierd was last night when i was sleeping if it fell out i would wake up

    was really wierd ?

    seems like i am going back to the point in my life when i couldnt sleep with out it. but to be honest i could of gone back to sleep with it not in

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    I just can't get to sleep unless i have a dummy in my mouth, I love a dummy at night

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    Lol I suck a dummy all night and day or if I can't I still suck my thumb

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    I've used a NUK5 for about a week now, and I cannot yet keep it in all night. I'll probably work up to it though.

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    I sometimes wake up with it and sometimes don't. No idea what the factors are...

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