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Thread: are you addicted to your paci

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    Default are you addicted to your paci

    i just got my first paci sense i was to little to rember and from what it seems is i picked up right where i left off

    i only take it out to talk or eat or Drink LOL

    any one else like this

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    I'm getting my first either tomorrow or Thursday

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    I have had a paci for ever I have never stoped so to answer your q yeah I'm pretty much addicted.

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    I'm going to give my answer in mumbles as my dummy isn't coming out of my mouth to answer properly so yes I am addicted lol

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    No, because I don't use one.

    Also no, because I seriously doubt a pacifier can result in a physical or emotional dependency in a healthy adult.

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    I can quit if I want to. Like now, I have a cold, so I sleep without my binkie. I do prefer sleeping with it, usually, though.

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    yes this is wat i ment

    but i find it hard not to use it lol

    but if i tried im sure i could

    also how did u go about moding it that intests me

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    Its definitely like heroin. I always have it when parents arent home.

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    yes i always have mine in even when i sleep or drive late at nite of course but i dont realy care what people thing or say to be omist

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