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Thread: No More Lurking

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    Cool No More Lurking

    Well, I just got a message saying I am a lurker so I figured I should rectify this. I'm just looking for a way to figure out who I am. Many of the AB stories really hit home with me, and I guess I have always wanted a motherly figure, but who knows. Btw I love minecraft and LoL

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    Welcome! I'm new here too

    I'm pretty sure ADISC has a minecraft server, but I'm not entirely sure.

    Do you have any other interesting hobbies outside of diapers?

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    Welcome to both of you!

    I was a lurker for quite some time before I intro'd myself, but glad I did. I also play Minecraft here and there.
    Hit that up for more info on the server. Also LoL is pretty sweet. Who's your main Champ?
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    as much as this is still VERY weird to me, I did the lurker thing too, still kinda do but minor details, welcome nonetheless

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    why is some one even called a lurker ( I know what lurking means ) how is some one who is shy or just not ready to just jump into the diaper comunity yet looked on as a bad thing?

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