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Thread: experiences with foreverakid?

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    Default experiences with foreverakid?

    so a while back,about mid october, my girlfriend thought it would be a good birthday present if she ordered me a custom snap crotch onzie. we looked around the internet and decided that we would order it from well everything seemed fine and dandy at first, we had alot of our questions answered via email and paid for the whole thing at once ( they only required half the payment before you got you end product). so my birthday came and it wasn't done yet, wasn't a big deal, but at the end of november my girlfriend quit getting replies back to her emails and began to worry that somehow the website was a scam. i kept reassuring her it wasn't and that she is probably busy with other orders and that it was also the holidays. well now it's nearing the end of january and she still hasnt gotten a reply and im at a loss to explain how it's not a fake site anymore.
    i was just wondering what your experiences have been with ordering from this website or what kind of reputation it has in the ab/dl community?

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    I bought one sleeper from there. it looks nice but: its bigger than what i ordered and fits loosely. Also I have had to sew it three times because the threading has come undone in spots. Besides that the products are expensive but understandably so. she does make them all by hand. they also take awhile to arrive but come in a non nondescript shipping package.

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    i also experienced trouble getting responses to emails from her but i believe that is a consequence of a one person business with more work than she can handle.

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    Well, this is pretty interesting to know because, two weeks ago, I email'ed her for some information about custom commands and I still haven't got an answer yet. I was starting to think that this site is a scam too, but reading that reassure me.

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