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Thread: Ever been to Carneige Hall?

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    Default Ever been to Carneige Hall?

    I am back from my historical visit to New York, I say historic because of the fact that 31 of us from our High School and 200 others from the UK, California, Georgia and Australia performed in Carnegie Hall in New York City. We sang on Live Television which I do expect it to be uploaded somewhere on the Internet Johnathan Wilcock's "Great and Glorious Victory." Mr.Wilcock's is an English composer and we had the honor for him to personally perform it and teach us and listen to his words of wisdom. The Song is in 4 parts, "Preparation, Conflict, Storm and Reconciliation." This music piece is about the 1805 Naval Battle of Trafalgar where the British Navy destroyed the combined Spanish and French Navy. Also during the Battle their was a storm that was never seen before in the eyes of the British,French and Spanish sailors. In order to survive this storm the sailors of the nations of Europe put aside their differences and helped save their fellow man from drowning in the storm. And Reconciliation in which the word's "Agnus Dei Qui Tollis Peccta Mundi" Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World is in my opinion the most memorable of this piece of music. It represents the victory, not the naval victory but the victory of Humanity and reconciliation with our enemies of the world. So I am honored to have performed at Carnegie Hall and to sing in it. This will be on Carnegie Hall's Record. So this is what makes me so happy now. I and 200 others have accomplished a hard and stressful music practice all those hours of practice and months of preparation of this trip had paid off and I hope to see this on Video soon.
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    Yes, I have. I sang at Carnegie Hall under Leopold Stokowski back when I was a student at Westminster Choir College, Princeton. I sang in a production of Carmena Burana by Carl Orff, and the 5th movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. It was exciting, and Stokowski was amazing as a conductor. He had the entire score of the Beethoven memorized, right down to the measure numbers and all the orchestral parts.

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    Funny that I've never been to Carnegie Hall as a spectator and only as a performer. Though, I've only been to New York once too. Our high school concert band was invited to play at Carnegie Hall once and it was probably the most inspiring thing to be on the same stage as some of the most famous performers of the 20th century. It was definitely a highlight of my life.

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