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Thread: i dont know where to put this ? - incedent during the night

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    Default i dont know where to put this ? - incedent during the night

    last night i spent the night at my dads and had drank alot of water. if you guys havent seen i am 21 so ya. and woke up to my dad doing stuff on his computer getting his way off to work. i went back to sleep then i had this dream as if i were sitting on a toilet needing to pee and found it a bit hard to go and suddenly i just let go (still dreaming) and was going for quiet a while. and woke up cause my stomach was getting wet. i woke to my self wetting my self. Now for a few of you your like wats the big deal your on a ab dl site and you hear about people wanting to wet them self and stuff. thing is this was out of the blue so be it its not the first time this has happened to me i have done this through out my life. it happens once every 6 months or so.

    my big question is, is this normal has any one else here had this problem. this is the first time i have told any one about this. i have had this issue sense i was probly 5.

    BTW i dont have issues making it to the toilet.

    This had nothing to do with my ab dl side either


    if this is in the wrong section be sure to move it.

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    if it only happens once every 6 months, is it really an issue???

    & by "water," do you mean booze??? you say you're 21 right after & es the drinking age in the US... dunno if this is another of em "hints" i have heard of some people wetting the bed after drinking a lot of booze... not uncommon at all...

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    na so be it im 21 but i dont feel its right to drink booze i dont see it well healthy :\

    plus ive seen people im close to get really sick and die cause of booze

    trust me its a issue if it happens when ur sleeping at ur dads and he hates the fact that im a ab dl and thinks i should keep it to my self and i have in the past looked up ways to lose bladder control and have wet my bed on purpose in the past to attempt to get diapers. these have all failed btw

    losing control i didnt have enough patients LOL

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    Not normal. Probably nothing physically wrong with you but still, this is definitively outside the scope of normal human experience :P

    Something similar happened to me once when I was around 14, except that I woke up right away once I started peeing so there was barely any damage.

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    see thats wat usually happens to me i wake up as im doing it but this time i was soaked and i mean soaked probly could of filled a regular day diaper with the urine that came out of me before i woke.

    i just hope later in life this doesnt get worse cause that to be honest would really suck. i have all ways had the desire to wet the bed but know it would be a huge mistake if i was doing it on purpose. cause i like the freedom of having a semi life

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    I would agree that this is not normal since it is something that has happened more than a couple of times. However, as a one time incident it is not all that uncommon. Accidents do happen.

    The fact that this has repeated, especially more than once, would be a reason to look for a cause.

    I was a bed wetter as a kid but this mostly stopped once I was about 13. While i did have accidents after that point it really only lasted a couple of years. Fast forward to the past few years when I have done a lot of diaper wearing. This includes a 2 to 3 year period of time where I wore nearly every night. I found that over time and with conditioning I actually started wetting my diaper in my sleep.

    On my days off from diapers and even now, especially when I have been wearing nightly for quite some time, there have been many times that I woke up wet or wetting. Sometimes accompanied by a dream, sometimes half asleep and other times with no other explanation.

    So back to your issue. It is possible that you are just experiencing a situation that was created because if your interest in diapers and self conditioning. This really enters the realm of dreams, and the question of whether we can affect our dreams. Additionally, I would wonder if this really happens when you are in a semi conscious state.

    Based on the information you provided I tend to feel it is not a medical issue, although it is still important to rule out medical issues. My ex was never a childhood bed wetter yet she would wet the bed sometimes. While I don't know the exact cause she was having issues with diabetes. Drug and alcohol use or abuse can also be a factor. Constipation can also cause bed wetting.

    In your case I would wonder if there is a sleep disorder or something that is interrupting the process. A specialist can help here by doing a sleep study. There are also medical issues related to sleep which should be ruled out.

    Other than seeking medical attention there are some other things I would suggest. First, make sure you use the bathroom before you go to bed. Also make sure you don't drink fluids excessively the last hour or so before you go to bed. Watch stressors and work to eliminate them from your life.

    Keep a journal and note the following things. What you ate, drank, etc in the hours before bed. Your mood and psychological state. In the morning did you wake up to go potty during the night, and did you go? Did you wet the bed? Did you dream and what did you dream about. A doctor or sleep specialist will give you specifics to track, but this is a start.

    Chances are that this is something you will be able to overcome, however it is important to make sure everything else is ok medically speaking.

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    I had about four dreams like that when I was a kid; In my dreams I'd need to pee and a toilet in the dream was conveniently close... so I'd go and pee in the toilet and wake up wet.

    And then when I was about 12 it changed; I'd still get those dreams but as I started to go in the dream I'd suddenly wake up and when I did I'd find myself dry.

    I still sometimes get those dreams, but I always wake up dry... even if I'm sleeping in a diaper.

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    The same a few times hapened to my ex... One "nightmare"

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