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    KIKI just got a new bag of diapers from a very good baby friend of mine. They are the 24/7's and boy do I love them. They are the best I have ever tried and are they super great lol. I put one of them on as soon as they were delivered. They are very comfortable like you don't have a diaper yet they are the thickest diaper I have ever worn. Talk about holding power wow they are the best. They held me all through the day and most of the night. God I love them I hope I can find the money to buy them. 18 are $31.95 plus shipping I pay that out for 36 attends diapers at my local drug store. So I got to redo my money so I can get these diapers that's how good they are.

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    I also use the Dry24/7"s. I get mine from XP Medical a case of 72 at a time. I use mine for overnight and when I get up in the morning there soaked. I like their
    performance real well. I've had a couple leaks but those have been my fault.

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    A number of members have stated that they buy them as their premium diaper, and they wear them just at night, or occasionally, while wearing a cheaper diaper most of the time. That way it offsets the higher cost.

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    They ARE the best! I was converted to them the first time I tried them, and I've been wearing them for a few years now. I think I understand exactly what you mean by "it feels like you're not wearing one..." first, they are very wide and generously cut in the crotch and butt area...roomy. so, if I am wearing one by itself or under loose clothing the padding part hardly touches me. Second, the fit of the tapes can be very snug and yet extremely comfortable, which I attribute to the well-thought out shape of the diaper and the type of plastic they use. Not to mention due to all the absorbent material, I can pee at least a couple times in one and not feel "wet."

    And yet with all that comfort, they are THICK and you definitely feel diapered. I love em.

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    Also a 24/7 fan. Ordered a case awhile ago, and they'll probably stay around for awhile! They're a great overnight/indoors/ski diaper for me. I think it's too much bulk to wear out unless I have ski pants on. It didn't make it through a day of skiing for me (drive time included)... but with all of the water I make sure to take in- I think it saved me 4 trips to the bathroom!

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    I wear the Dry 24/7 diaper for my overnight and still no leaks. Dry 24/7 is my favorite diaper.

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