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Thread: Could this be diaper rash?

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    Default Could this be diaper rash?

    Both of my legs near my private part are red could this be diaper rash or something else? And i shower every morning

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    I think showering too much dries out your skin.
    Um not sure about diaper rash, does it hurt? Itch? Or maybe it's an allergic reaction to something. But it could be diaper rash; maybe you should try a google (picture) search on the term or maybe someone more familiar with it on here can help more than me.

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    It could be chafing from your leg openings on your plastic pants. It might be that there to tight on your legs.

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    How do i get it to go away? I just used some butt paste

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    Don't wear diapers for a while. IF it is a diaper rash, then giving your skin a break from being under a diaper will help air it out and let it heal quicker. If it's diaper rash or chaffing, it will go away in a few days (pending how badly the skin is irritated)

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    Default Could this be diaper rash?

    it sounds like a diaper rash. maybe you should get some diaper cream. I use it all the time, especially after experiencing a couple of very painful rashes.

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    naw, used to get that rash all the time, actually less so since I've been diapered, though I avoid the faux cloth diapers for that very reason

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    Default Re: Could this be diaper rash?

    Quote Originally Posted by zackiepooh1992 View Post
    Both of my legs near my private part are red could this be diaper rash or something else? And i shower every morning
    Pretty vague description, more symptoms like itching, burning would be useful. Could be that the bottom tapers are too tight as well.

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    Stop wearing diapers for a while, keep the area clean and use diaper rash cream. Even if it isn't a diaper rash them 3 things are likely to help. But I think its more likely to be the elasticated part around the legs rubbing on you.

    Some diapers elastic do it to me more than others. I know I can't wear tena slips for that reason. I can wear one no problem, but if when I change I put another tena on it kills the upper inside of my legs. I can wear attends for as long as I want with no problems, they are what I wear every day, the plastic seems to be a lot softer.

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    If its itchy it might be a fungal nappy rash, candida, so you might need some anti fungal cream, normal nappy rash cream wont work.

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