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Thread: Hi I'm new here and to wearing Nappies/ diapers!

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    Default Hi I'm new here and to wearing Nappies/ diapers!

    Hi everyone!
    I'm 19 in a few days, a girl and I recently plucked up the courage to try nappies and I couldn't feel happier about it. Here's my story so far, any advice would be appreciated

    Firstly, I wet the bed until I was about 7 or 8 (My mum says I have some sort of minor bladder problem, she said something about short 'tubes'- but I have no Idea what she meant as she doesn't know anything about medical terms and I was about 5 when she took me to the doctors) which isn't that old, but it was old enough for me to have some sort of memory that seems to have been bugging me on and off for years.
    The desire to wear nappies hasn't been all consuming, but occasionally while growing up, I've felt in some way tempted to try, maybe once every 3-6 months the idea came up in my head. It is partly sexual and partly due to a comforting thing, and partly due to a simple craving I suppose, that I can't explain.

    I remember a few incidents growing up- I'm 6 years older than my brother (who potty trained quite fast) and I found some pull ups he'd stopped needing in his wardrobe once when I was about 9 or 10 and I really wanted to wear them so I tried them on, but I don't think I used them.
    I've often wanted to buy teen nappies in shops when I've seen them but not had the courage, especially not when I lived with my parents.
    I also remember at some point in my early teens sticking period pads to big knickers to try and make a make shift nappy, but it didn't really work, though was good for masturbating. I had to stifle the desire to ask my mum to buy be Tena nappies, under the pretence that they would be good for my heavy and often leaking periods, which she complained about, but didn't ever feel I could. Before I started uni a few months ago I baby sat a girl who went from 2- 4 in the years I baby sat her, and I would often search for her nappies or pull ups, but I could never find them.

    SO now I've started uni and myself and my boyfriend live together and while he was at work a week or so ago, I was masturbating and the idea of nappies popped into my head again and I started looking it up on line for the first time and found forums like this which were very informative. After hours of reading, I somehow got the bravery to go to the pharmacy and buy a packet of Tena, telling the pharmacist that they were for a disabled sister(that I don't have).
    I found it odd that for the first time I haven't shut this desire away, feeling like it is dirty or weird- it used to make me feel very uncomfortable about myself (and it still does but no where near to that extent) I don't know what changed- whether it be the fact that I don't live with my parents now, or that I am happy with the love of my life who really brings the Me out of me if that makes sense, and I feel much more comfortable about who I am than I have ever before, or if it was the things I read online that made me feel it is ok to want to wear nappies.

    So I brought them home and excitedly put one on- it felt all cosy and warm and soft and I loved the feeling- it made me feel so good in myself, so happy. And when I wet it after about hour that felt great too, even keeping it on for about an hour after that was good, who would have thought wet nappies could feel nice?!
    I then changed into a dry one which I wasn't allowed to wet in order to save them and not use them all in one go.

    Since I have worn to the shop across the road, whenever my boyfriend is out, and I even braved going to uni in them because I didn't want to take them off, though I didn't wet them until I was close to home. I have also ordered some more nappies offline and today I bought some kids dry nite pull ups so I don't run out, but they are a bit small (though I am only 5 ft 1 so its ok)

    Now the problem is my boyfriend- he is into what I would class as the normal end of weird when it comes to sex- like strangling and slapping- not so much nappies. I tried to hint at what was seemingly an apparent want to wear nappies- by suggesting we had a couple of days devoted to sex (he is off for 12 days around my birthday soon) and that I wanted to try him being very dominant- suggesting he makes me wear nappies, but he said he finds it hard to stay in character for long and would feel uncomfortable. I then say what if you sort of baby me ( I'm not an adult baby,and I don't want to be, but I think I have a little bit of that in me- I do baby voice subconsciously with boyfriends a lot and I like being looked after) but he said he wasn't into all that. I actually felt very upset because I was worried this would be something I wouldn't be able to share with him.
    If I were to tell him, he loves me enough to deal with it, but I think he would struggle to understand and therefore would be concerned and wonder if something was wrong with me rather than want to get involved or just accept it.
    I then decided to take a different route and use the only excuse I have to wear which is that I need to wee a lot (I drink a lot as I get very thirsty, but this happens even if I don't), I will often need to wee, then only pee very little- I seem to notice the need to pee before most people. This leads to me waking up 4-5 times a night to go to the loo and then struggling to get back to sleep which is making me tired. I can't drink less as I get very thirsty if I do- not diabetes as I have been tested. So I suggested I wear nappies in bed on uni nights so I can get some sleep. He wasn't happy about this, he thinks it is weird and at first said he wouldn't sleep in our bed, but he came round to it, as long as I'm careful not to leak. He was teasing me lot before we went to sleep- but at least he's not all disgusted by it or anything. I had a great night and loved it- especially as for the previous nights since I got some I had been really missing them in bed!
    I asked if he'd have sex with it on and push it out the way if it was dry and he said he would probably struggle to keep it up :/ Although once he asked me to pee all over him during sex and even in his mouth so I though he might be up for it (sorry if tmi) but no.
    Apart from this hinting I don't think I'm ready to tell him I actually like wearing them, that they turn me on (when they are on me anyway, I don't know how I feel about men wearing them, I wouldn't not date a man due to wearing nappies for any reason, 24/7 or not, but I'm not sure if it turns me on- saying that no one I'm attracted to has ever worn one :P) or that I would like to wear them as much as possible.
    So I'm sat here while he's working nights, in a lovely wet nappy

    I'm seriously loving it, jumping between wishing I could wear 24/7 to thinking I'm over doing it, or that maybe I shouldn't do it at all, to make sure I don't creep out my boyfriend and in case people notice. I can only wear at night if my boyfriend is around- but not every night.

    I'm still deciding how I feel about everything- I'm pretty sure I don't want to poo in them, but I'd like to try it to see what it is like. I love the idea of it but I don't think 24/7 will ever be practical and I wouldn't want to risk my body getting used to just going if I wasn't wearing. I want to be incontinent, though it is a fantasy, I know that having the choice is important, however the idea of untraining myself at night is tempting though I know that in reality I wouldn't want to have to wear when I stay at friends or have accidents if I fell asleep on a train or something like that.
    Also I need to work out if this is something I've always been curious about, but after a short period I will be satisfied and move on ( a brief obsession- I have had these before with things like instruments, food, celebrities, hobbies etc) or if this is going to last and become a part of me- I want it to, but on the other hand I worry how my boyfriend will take it- I think if I'd met him after this then he'd know from the beginning and be ok with it, but just springing it on him seems unfair, and I know he'l feel awkward about it!

    Thanks for reading, please tell me how you got into wearing, if you have any tips, what you like about them etc sorry for ranting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alita View Post
    Hi everyone!
    I'm 19 in a few days, a girl and I recently plucked up the courage to try nappies and I couldn't feel happier about it. Here's my story so far, any advice would be appreciated
    Thanks for reading, please tell me how you got into wearing, if you have any tips, what you like about them etc sorry for ranting!
    Hey there! Well that's okay!

    You should make your intro a bit easier to read though. Maybe you could look and post a new post following this guide, try and limit yourself to a paragraph so people can get to know you better faster!

    I'm a university student in a BSc. for Computer Science, and in my spare time I basically just play video games :P Watch TV on and off!

    In an additional note, remember that ADISC is a PG-13 community, so try to dull down some of the more explicit sex/graphical descriptions! If it isn't appropriate for a 13 year old, it isn't appropriate for ADISC.

    Thanks, and I hope to see an update from you soon!

    - Lobie

    Edit: PS, as for how I got into wearing I'm not really sure actually! Everything in High school and my youth is quite a blur. I like just about everything about diapers, so it's hard to pick one thing I don't have any tips, but be true to yourself above all else.

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    Hey There Alita, and welcome!

    Wow, that was quite intro. You certainly don't have a problem with sharing info about yourself. Lol. With that said, Lobie is right. Intro's are typically for introducing yourself and a few interests that you have, apart from diapers.

    Since you took the time to write a short story, I'll take time to give some advice. From the sounds of it, based on your past feelings, I doubt this is a passing phase. My own experience of coming into this was rather similar. I have a disabled brother and would often try and sneak a couple of his pull-ups here and there. Before getting the internet, I didn't know what I was or what was wrong with me. Even after finding out I wasn't alone, it still took a long time to realize I'm simply ME and there was nothing wrong. As for the feeling of wanting to wear 24/7 is pretty normal. It'll take time to find your own balance. Just don't over do it, as that leads to the purge.

    For your boyfriend, be patient and understanding. It sounds like you are trying to ease him into it, which is the way to go. The way I try and think of it is this. You know the thoughts that say, this is weird and not normal. Well, imagine you didn't also feel the desire to wear diapers. I imagine that's how he feels.

    I'm cutting this short, because it's starting to feel like an essay as well. Lol. If ya need advice or simply want to talk, that's what we're all here for. :-)


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    Welcome Good luck with sorting things with your boyfriend Are you at university in the UK? If so, what university are you studying at?

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