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    I never thought I would get this comfortable but just out of instinct, with a very wet diaper on I just went to my stash, got a fresh diaper, got out my wipes and baby powder and just flopped down on the floor and changed my diaper without even attempting to be discreet. It was almost like I didn't care if I was walked in on. I guess I've just reached that level of comfort where I'll just change whenever need be. It's got a little worried since my mom doesn't know that I, wear diapers, much less want/like to wear diapers. I really really wish I could come clean and tell her, but that's for another thread all together!

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    It's good that you are feeling comfortable in your diapers and are able to change from one right into another. However, that sense of comfort, if you're not careful, can be your downfall to a potential nightmare. If your mother doesn't know you wear diapers, and doesn't like it, then I'd advise about being more careful in the future.

    It's one thing to sit down with a parent and break the news to them. It's quite another when they walk in on you when you're changing your diapers. IF they walk in on you, not only will you need to explain yourself, but now you have damage control to do.

    Best to take this one step at at time and not be lulled into a false sense of security and comfort.

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    I remember getting more comfortable with things when I was still at home and a little more comfortable after I married. Still it would have never been good had I been discovered. In the time since I have been separated I have very little privacy, and I have grown to be pretty comfortable with diapering, sleeping diapered and even changing. When my diaper is messy I end up walking through an area where others might notice what I am wearing, although I usually try to cover things up. I never have been caught and I am careful enough that I should be fine.

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