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Thread: Is my fetish making me incontinent?

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    Default Is my fetish making me incontinent?

    Okay, so I have had three accidents in the past two weeks. Twice, while I was at work, I got the sudden urge to pee, and the toilet was alll the way at the end of the hallway. I ran down the hall and had to do a sort of cross-legged walk to the bathroom. 20 feet away from the toilet, I'm frozen in my tracks. If I were to move one more inch I'd pee my pants. I knew I had to try for the bathroom, so I would run for it and pee would be coming out on his own.
    I had to wash my scrubs in the sink. This happened twice at work and now once at home. I just started my diaper fetish back up a few months ago and I started wearing on a regular basis as of recently.
    Do you think my diaper kinks are REALLY starting to make me incontinent? I can't be scrubbing my pants in the sink all of the time. :P

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    It's possible in that they can cause a UTI, and though I'm not a doctor, I think there can be problems if you're not eliminating properly, which diaper wearing can cause, especially if it's a sexual stimulus. I'm only drawing this conclusion from my own experience, but I know I go more frequently the day after wearing diapers and using them for their intended purpose. Sometimes when I'm wearing, I'll wait longer until I go, and then, following that, I'll sometimes go every time there is the urge. I think this sort of screws things up regarding the bladder, and since the bladder is a muscle controlled by nerves, anything is possible.

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    maybe a bit, there can be a bit of a lag from wearing a diaper to holding it when not wearing one, I've had continuous daytime use for the past 8 years, and I can tell you, after being used to going whenever the urge arises, re potty training is not such an easy prospect anymore, I can't see how use for a few days here and there would do anything permanent, I can tell you from my experience, I was actually having a bit of a problem with bladder control beforehand

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    Okay, thanks for the input! Work is pretty much the only place i wont wear diapers. I work in a hospital, and I wear scrubs. They are very close fitting, thin material; and my pants are constantly sliding down. NOT a good situation for diapers. So, I'm just trying to figure this all out :/

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    Just a thought - one of the main reasons people don't wet themselves is because consciously and unconsciously we are afraid of the consequences if we do. Wearing a diaper might unconsciously "deprioritise" the need to stay dry and make involuntary urination more likely. If this is the case then I am sure bebehuey is correct in saying the effect will be short term.

    In terms of work and the scrubs if you find you need to wear a diaper thin ones are pretty undetectable under the right kind of underwear. Ever since a over-enthusiastic youth club member "depantsed" me I have worn a diaper under boxerbriefs with a vest or tee shirt tucked in so that there is no danger of the waistband of the diaper peeking out. If your wetting is not too large a good quality "diaper pant" like the Tena brief would be pretty well hidden under tight fitting underwear - this kind of protection has improved a lot over recent years and you can choose a capacity/absorbency to suit your needs.

    This may not be very relevant or helpful - but I hope some of it is of interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayannight View Post
    This may not be very relevant or helpful - but I hope some of it is of interest.
    It is definitely relevant and helpful. Thank you!

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    You could also try female IC pads inside your tight fitting briefs. I wore them for several years and they worked for me.

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