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    I wear adult diapers to bed have been for years and now here it is 2013 and i don't wear every night like i should im worry what could it be? I have been wearing adult diapers for wears to bed it started off as bedwetting then turned into a fetish as well. So now that i dont wear them every night im wondering could i be losing interest in them?
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    zackiepooh1992, there's not really enough information to give an answer to. Could you rephrase your question or situation in more words?

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    I wear maybe twice a week, and I think I enjoy them more because of it. If it's no long fun, stop wearing until the urge hits you. If it never hits, then yes, you moved on.

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    Agree with previous post... Sounds like wearing them too frequently has made them more of a chore than a pleasure. Give them a break for a few weeks and I am sure the interest will return.

    Take care

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