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Thread: A Sizing Issue - Medium and Large

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    Default A Sizing Issue - Medium and Large

    So, I will preface this by saying that I wear a medium diaper across the board. My waist is slim enough where it teeters on the upper edge of small for some brands.

    Now, I was at CVS, looking to pick up a package of generic diapers for the next few days while I await an order of Abenas to arrive. Now, presently the only thing they have in stock in brief style (With tapes), is large.

    In the matters of fitting a medium and wearing a small, it's a problem of how much a diaper can stretch, and how comfortable you may be wearing it (Potential absorbency issues aside). Though, I've never tried wearing a diaper that was larger than my size, and if I have I scarcely recall.

    So, I ask, would it be worth it to grab a package of large diapers, though I wear a medium? Would it be downright impractical to useless, or would wearing a larger size actually work for me?

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    They tend to be ride up higher on the person that skinny above the belly button. Depending on the person size. The tapes will be closer to the center of the diaper. There tend to be gaps like the legs depending of the diaper. I tend to like the larger diapers for night time use.

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    I would pass on the large size. If your teetering between med and small. The large size won't fit properly and will in all likelyhood leak on you.
    If you have a Wallgreens in your town I would check there.

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    If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit.
    If you try and use a diaper that's too big/small, you'll end up being uncomfortable and in all likelihood, leaking.

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