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    I thought that it may be a good idea to introduce myself, so here it goes!

    I am a male who deals with incontinence 24/7. I have had issues most of my
    life, but around 30 things got much worse, to the point that I HAD to wear

    After many visits to the urologist, he came to the conclusion that I had a
    severe case of OAB. I was offered medication, but due to my past experiences
    with many medications I flat out refused to take them. I have never had any
    side-effects from diapers....

    Over the years I have definitely developed a AB/DL side to me, I often think that many of us do, as a coping mechanism.

    I guess I joined this site due to the fact that there seems to be many
    useful and honest discussions here.

    Well that is enough for a little carried away

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    Welcome to the site man. I too am not a fan of medications. I hope you have a good time and find this place helpful and don't worry--compared to some posts here, you certainly didn't get carried away.

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    Welcome to ADISC! From a ole man here in North Texas. What are your interests and hobbies? I'm like you that I don't like some meds. I do have to them
    for BP and Cholerestoral. I also have urge IC. I'm also a NASCAR and baseball fan.

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    Hi Oleman72, and thanks for the welcome.

    My interests...well....I like trains, the locomotives in particular, an amazing piece of machinery.

    I like storms, I chase them here when I get a chance, and when a decent one comes along
    (not very often here).

    Another thing that intrigues me is the human mind, you know....
    Why do I think like I do. How do past experiences shape who we are, and why does our mind
    seemingly twist what was once so bad into things we now enjoy, etc.

    I like to go to the drags...I particularly like the Top Fuel....Over in 5 seconds...I am impatient..LOL

    As far as medicines go I have found that for the most part, the cure is worse than the original issue,
    I never got dry mouth, constipation, headaches, or dizziness with a diaper!. My strongest medicine I
    take is Tylenol, and don't even like taking it.

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    Hi there! Welcome to ADISC! I'm a newbie here, myself. How do you do, I'm Chippi.
    I totally agree with all of you about taking medications! Boo on that! People got along for thousands of years without taking 20 pills a day. Sure, some might be necessary for basic living, but most people take pills for things that could easily be remedied by things other than medication.
    I am also really interested in the human mind. When I was in college I studied MANY subjects, but focused on Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry. The depth of conversation I could carry on about the human brain is seemingly endless.
    Storm chasing has always been a fantasy adventure to me! I can only imagine the thrill that comes with that!
    What was your most intense storm chase?

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    Hi Chippi! Thanks for the welcome. I think the most intense storm chase was one I wasn't chasing!
    I was working afternoons and we were done at 11pm, and that night there had been numerous storms
    come through. The last storm that came before I left work was wicked, wind, hail, intense lightning,
    and torrents of rain, it was so intense we thought it was going to blow the doors in on the shop!.

    I left work, stopped at Tim Hortons to get a coffee for the ride home (it was a 50 minute drive), I
    could see another storm coming in from the NW, (that is always a bad storm around here) the
    lightning was non-stop. I got just out of London to a place called Lobo, I turned the corner and
    BOOM it hit. The wind was so strong that it was picking gravel off the other side of the road and
    pelting the car. I was on the east side of the road and thought, if the hydro poles are on the west
    and they come down, I want to be where the wires can't get me or the pole. At the time, I was driving
    a full size Mercury Marquis with a 460 in it, a very heavy vehicle. As I tried to move to the other
    side of the road, it just blew me closer to the ditch on the east side, so I was stuck where I was.
    The storm raged on for a good 2 or 3 minutes, I know it doesn't sound like long, but it seemed
    like eternity. It began to subside a bit, and then weird things started to happen. The lightning
    got more intense, and the the hail started, all of a sudden the car started moving up and down.
    I knew what was going on then....TORNADO!!!!. It never got me off the ground, but that was
    close enough!!!

    After it passed I drove home around downed trees, and hydro poles. I had my suspicions
    confirmed the next morning when they reported a tornado had ripped through Frome, and
    had been first seen in Nairn, about 6 miles to the NW from where I had been. I have to say
    I was never so scared in my life!. Sorry about being long winded about this.

    I am glad to see I am not alone in my attitude towards the little pills they hand out
    like candy now a days. I will deal with things myself.

    I am very interested like I said before, about the way in which our mind processes
    experiences, and shapes who we are. I would love to have conversations about it
    with you, you sound much more in the know about it than I do.

    Well, take care hope to here from you again

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