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    Hi, so I'm Chippi. I have been an ABDL for about 10 years now. For the first 3 years, I was very deep into my fetish for wearing and wetting diapers. My (then) boyfriend was the one who introduced me to diapers. After we broke up, I wanted to purge everything ABDL related, so I did. I was convinced that I was only interested in it because of my (now) ex-boyfriend. I tried Vanilla relationships for 6 years, only wearing diapers once (for about 3 days) in that whole time span. After my most recent breakup, I have decided that this is a part of me that will not go away if I ignore it. I love diapers. I love to wear them. I love when other people wear them. There's no getting around it! So, that's me. I'm working on a 3 part short story about Diapers. The first part is done. I'm currently working on parts 2 and 3. Hope you all like it!


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    Howdy! Congrats on realizing/deciding that they're a part of your life and that you want them to be. It's such a great feeling when that happens, isn't it?

    Have you posted part one of your story yet, or are you going to wait until they're all done?

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    A friend of mine posted part 1 of my story in the Unfinished Stories section. Its Diaper - Part 1 The Drugstore. I'm halfway done with part 2. Its much longer than part 1.

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    Nice introduction and great attitude. I like the simple and positive affirmation - I love diapers. I love when other people wear them.

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