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    Smile Finally Coming Out

    So I recently made a thread about wanting to tell a very close friend about my secret lifestyle. This was not an easy decision to make, and I did go over what the consequences might have been if she responded in a negative way. Through my last thread I had received amazing feedback and some really great advise. I made the ultimate decision to proceed and tell her. Her response was very positive and she did not at all seem surprised in anyway. Although she does not fully understand my lifestyle, she wants to learn more about it. She accepts me no matter what and I am super thankful for that. It also was a great weight to have lifted off my shoulders. Thanks adisc for your support.

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    That's great, it must feel so amazing to have someone to accept you as you are.
    What I am wondering is what she meant by not being surprised. What happened to make her not surprised?

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    I already have a somewhat childlike personality. Things like still playing with k'nex, wearing footie pajamas, and having a green lantern bed set. All of which she did not care about and had already knew about.

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