View Poll Results: Which console should I get this holiday?

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  • Xbox 360

    3 20.00%
  • Playstation 3

    6 40.00%
  • Wii U

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  • Sony's Next Gen Playstation

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  • Microsoft's Next Gen Xbox

    6 40.00%
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Thread: Which console should I get this holiday?

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    Default Which console should I get this holiday?

    Which console should I get this holiday?

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    Wait on the next gen to iron the bugs out. Maybe a cheap current gen console just look at what each has to offer as exclusive

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    Likely depends on what type of games you like, or if there is a specific franchise you like. Most games are cross-platform, and as for tech I'm not up on the tech of any of them so no idea tech wise which is better. I'd imagine if you like to play online or not matters as well.

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    Having grown up with the Atari 2600 and the NES, I can say that the experience of owning an Xbox 360 is most similar to those experiences-- more must-own games than any one human being can afford.

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    go with the 360. more titles than PS3 and microsoft doesnt plan on releasing a next gen console for another coupple years unlike nintindo (who already released one) and Sony (who are close to releasing one)you'll have better long term support with the 360 and to be honest nintindo has been dieing in home consoles since gamecube, and sony is starting to loose out to microsoft as their exclusives (such as Final fantasy) are now being released on 360 as well. i really dont forsee good things in either nintendo or sony's future in home consoles, they need to focus more on handhelds as they are both better in that feild. (and also cause they have the market cornered due to the fact that microsoft does not have or plan to have a handheld system.)

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    I'm gonna go ahead and be "that guy"
    But you can get a graphics-equivalent desktop for right around $300usd. You'll also save a bunch per-game because of steam... instead of paying ~$60 per game, you're only spending 40-50, and a lot less during sales.

    (pc's are also infinitely upgradeable)

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    By the way, here is the list of exclusives for each console (since I highly disagree with the "There are more thus get that console!" idea):
    Category:PlayStation 3-only games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Category:Xbox 360-only games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, isn't it like $30-40 a year if you want to play online on Xbox 360? I know Live is supposed to be better then PSN but still.

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    playstation 3 if you want a wide varity of games to play, any "next gen" console if you want to be a early adopting sucker.

    PC gaming is overall better though. Though a PC that plays on high/ultra settings in 1080p at or just under 60 fps will cost about 800 dollars. Medium and even low graphics can kick the snot out of console counter parts though.

    360/PS3/WiiU a wide, wide majority of games seem to only be 720p or even less at a low 30 fps.

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    I would agree that a PC console might be something to look into especially since you can "emulate" most older systems on newer pcs. It is even possible to connect PS3 controllers or USB controllers so that when you play old SNES games on the computer you do not have to rely on the keyboard and mouse to play.

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    All currently available consoles have positive and negatives. The PS3 has many more exclusives and of a wider genre variety then the 360. The 360 has a much better online service the the PS3, but the PS3's online service is free. The PS3 is a bluray player as well, were the 360 only plays dvds. However, while the PS3 has better hardware then the 360, most multiplatform games play better on the 360. The Wii U is a Nintendo product and those always end up having quite possibly the best selection of exclusives, however you will be lacking in multiplatform games on it. A high quality PC is better then the others, but it will be outdated almost immediately. Both Sony and Microsoft will soon announce new systems however. I would advise waiting before buying an untested system though.

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